Job Descriptions - Translated to common speech?

(Piper_Wilson) #1

I’ve been finding job posts for community managers and moderators. My problem is that I’m so very confused about what they’re saying. For example (from different postings):

  • Develop the community strategy and roadmap and define goals to support business objectives
  • Create original written and visual content for a wide-ranging portfolio of local businesses located throughout the country – this means everything from restaurants, bars, and nightlife to boutiques and auto repair.
  • Prepare reports with qualitative and quantitative data, insights and analytics to communicate trends and the value of community to stakeholders.
  • Lead virtual teams; Coordinate internal and external resources to drive initiatives and execute on the operational community plan.

I have some inklings, but I’m not positive. I’d like to know what people think these posts mean - in English, not corporate speech.

I’d also love to know what people list in their own job postings and what they’re saying.

Thanks in advance!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Good on you for asking Piper – I concede that I don’t know what all of these mean either!
I’ll give it a go:

This one I can answer. In essence, this refers to writing a community strategy which aligns the goals of the community with the goals of the business. This would likely include the primary goal/s, related objectives, associated tactics, and an action plan. This resource walks you through that process step by step.

Hmmm. This one is fairly self-explanatory but I’d be a little surprised if it was expected of me as a CM. I’d be interested in other opinions here. It sounds quite specific to one community.

This means reporting on a variety of metrics pulled from the community platform and related data sources (e.g. Google analytics) as well as on anecdotal evidence of trends (e.g. I’m noticing an influx of new members asking questions about x so perhaps we should create a content piece focusing on it).

Again, hearing you on the business jargon! It’s referring to managing teams of distributed (or remote) workers and internal staff in order to carry out the community strategy (see point 1).

(Dean Samways) #3

In my experience, @Piper_Wilson, employers naturally want to squeeze every ounce of value out of you. For me, this has sometimes meant taking on the role of a content producer and manager despite the fact I’d been employed as a community manager.

Where companies have been less focussed on strategy and reporting, normally through not having the resource to recruit content producers, I’ve had the freedom to create blog posts and lead email marketing campaigns to drive community activity on the site. While this is can be quite fun if you enjoy feeding your creative side, it can be a distraction from the nitty gritty of community work.

I guess if it’s int he job description you’ll know what the emphasis is on and there’ll obviously be an expectation for you to be a blogger, website content provider, social media manager and everything else thrown in.