Jive X Question - What to do going forward


(Tiffany Lee) #1

Hi All,

Wanted to see what fellow Jive X users are planning to do moving forward. With contract expiration approaching, I was wondering if others have been allowed to renew on the Jive X platform or if they have been forced to move onto Lithium. Also, any guidance about challenges if able to stay on the Jive X platform.

Any help/advice would be super appreciated!!!


(David DeWald) #2

I only know of one company that has shifted from Jive-X to Lithium and they chose to. Everyone else seems want to stay for as long as they can on Jive-X; it’s what my company is planning.

(Tiffany Lee) #3

Are you concerned about no updates to product, bug fixes, lack of support, and/or outages? We seem to have had some rough experiences as of late.

(Richard Millington) #4

I’d personally make a decision relatively soon about whether you want to stay with Lithium or move to another platform. Even if you can extend the current deal, you’re going to be on an increasingly second tier and largely unsupported platform.

(Tiffany Lee) #5

This helpful. I would like to move off Jive but I’m getting resistance from upper management. They just don’t want to rock the boat. Do you know of anyone who’s had major support issues with Jive X since the acquisition? We have had ours, but knowing about others would help my cause.

(David DeWald) #6

There have been ongoing issues with the Rewards/Bunchball systems though they may have them worked out. The last update was supposed t have a “Cookies” banner (GDPR compliance) but for whatever reason it was not included.

And I agree with Rich, the platform will continue to become less and less “safe” due to the lack of security updates at some point.

(Caroline Sekar) #7

Hi Tiffany -

As someone who has worked extensively with both the Jive and Lithium platforms, I can tell you that both platforms have definite pros and cons (of course!).

The transition won’t be easy from either a technical/migration perspective nor a community-management perspective (especially if you have a lot of different Jive spaces / groups with very different layouts and separate community management).

BUT - Lithium’s support is fantastic, and there are a number of features in their platform that I would have LOVED in Jive (custom content modules that cascade throughout the community, the ability to have separate community themes that are “sticky” on global pages like search / user profiles, and member badges that are truly built into the platform rather than tacked on).

My gut is that the short-term pain of transitioning is worth the long-term gain of a well-supported, continually-evolving platform.

Best of luck to you!!
~ Caroline

(Todd Nilson) #9

I agree with the sentiment here that Jive-X users need to be making an exit plan now. The platform will not age well and support will be increasingly less robust.

From a migration perspective, you should expect that it will take 2-3 months to select a new, more viable platform (even if it is Lithium that you move to), and another 3-4 months for the data migration, configuration, and launch.

Migrations are tricky because you not only need to get all of the posts and documents out of Jive but all user data and associated date and timestamps for their posts. You may be tempted to enact a partial data export but that may be more trouble than it’s worth when you think of all the posts that can be messed up if you, say, only exported your current users. What happens to all of your past posts if they are not associated with a user record?

Plan on 2-3 waves of data migration testing minimum to make sure that everything is coming over as expected.

It may be common sense to some, but focus on the MVP first to get the core functions that are most essential to your members first and don’t forget to put a really good, transparent communications plan together for change management. I’ve worked on more than a few large scale migrations and it’s easy to get down in the weeds about the technology transition, but you cannot forget about the people you’re already serving. They need to know what is happening and why.

I know I am preaching to the choir in this forum, but thought I’d add a reminder for those who are maybe contemplating a big migration for the first time.

(joel galbraith) #10

We are migrating to Lithium…from another platform. It is a lot of work…everything you suggest has been true for us. We’re making progress, but it is more involved than I expected…and I’m told by Lithium that our migration is quite simple.

(Cathy Liu) #11

I also have a Jive X platform, suffering from broken Jive Rewards functions and lack of support. Our license is expiring soon too. Looking at the future, executives’ decision is to migrate to another platform. Due to nature of our Enterprise product and service, currently we are not considering Lithium despite of free migration offer.

(Richard Millington) #12

Hey @cathyjliu

What platform are you considering?

(Cathy Liu) #13

Salesforce and some others

(Mark Schwanke) #14

Suffering from Jive Rewards issue as well. Though we didn’t get the free migration offer.

(Mark Schwanke) #15

@carolines Yes they both have their strengths but there was a reason we chose between the two. And we did a proof of concept.

Their integration people just kind of push and say that they’re so similar and the abilities with Lithium are so vast yet why has my list on the Ideas area grown so much? I’m not ready to fit a square peg into a round hole. Maybe if it was an oval I could fit it into a hole but the right angles just aren’t going to work. To see the value of the acquisition I have to see them pull the aspects of why we like Jive to really consider the move.

(Mark Schwanke) #16

Yes JiveWorld was a debacle. And not the first time I was disappointed at JiveWorld.

Support from Lithium has improved(relative to May 2017-Feb 2018) quite a bit in the last couple weeks but I don’t get the ticket submission on Wednesday or Thursday… then first reply after COB on a Friday and then a follow up on Monday morning before I start my day on if I’ve reviewed their response.

If you have bugs associated to your cases in AureaWorks I would go in and pull all the cases and print as PDF and make a list of your AureaWorks Tickets and the new Lithium BugIDs they created. Some cases totally lost their bugIDs, others got new bugIDs that make not sense and then others got new bugIDs with everything the same except for a Lithium JiveX specific bugID.

Check out https://community.lithium.com/t5/Lithium-JX-Discussions/Jive-X-Bugs/m-p/453673#M469 if you want to see if we have any bugs in common.

(Mark Schwanke) #17

@Historian Nintex has reportedly moved but I just looked and they still appear on Jive.

I’m having Jive Rewards issues. Is Bunchball having issues too? I’m trying to decide if we 1. Move to Bunchball. 2. Wait for August when get control over it and… they … may… fix it. 3. Get a refund and turn it off. or 4. Move to Jive

(Richard Millington) #18

@ffield - want to confirm? :slight_smile:

(Mark Schwanke) #19

@richard_millington Didn’t realize @ffield was on here. :slight_smile: whoops!

(Jon C) #20

Hi Tiffany,

I recently joined Lithium from Jive. For me it was an easy decision based on the investment that I was seeing in the Lithium organization. For example, Lithium has hired over 50 employees since the acquisition to support JX customers. Like myself, many of these new hires were with Jive previously. In terms of recent, post-acquisition, successful migrations… McAfee and Dell are two great examples.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way.



(Kristen Gastaldo) #21

Our Jive-x contract is up early next year and we’re planning to migrate as well. Getting demos from the usual suspects at this point - Salesforce, Lithium, Higher Logic, etc.

Lithium didn’t offer us a free migration, but if we migrate before our Jive contract is up, then they won’t have us double pay for the overlapping months, which is nice.

We use Salesforce for other areas of the company and have had a couple calls with them, but no demo yet. I haven’t seen their platform in a couple years, so it’ll be interesting to see.

We had a good demo with higher logic. Only real down side is that we use the shared document functionality in Jive quite a bit and there’s no replacement for that with HL. They integrate with SF and Marketo, which would be nice.

Part of me is tempted to build a site with separate forum, blog, and search functionality (as well as in browser testing, which our devs would like), integrated with our docs. But then I’m left to sort out groups and advocates, and still doesn’t help with shared docs.

Lithium’s support has been way better than Jive’s - even before Jive was acquired. But they can’t fix the rewards system it seems - which has given me a combined “no one is getting points” and “this former employee just got 25k points” in the last month.