Is this Community still Active?

Hi there, new here. Have learned a lot from Richard via his Community Strategy Course on, and from resources on this site - but is this community still active?

I ask because I don’t see many recent posts or activity. Maybe I’m wrong?

Cheers, Robert

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Hey @plutarch - I think it depends on how you define “Active” lol

I drop in from time to time but haven’t done for some time now, I’m not sure how often @richard_millington is here. It’d be interesting to get a sense of who is still coming and logging in etc.

Interestingly I noticed on this visit that I wasn’t getting any notifications for posts so have turned that back on! Would be good to get some more conversation flowing! :slight_smile:

@Nick_Emmett is right. It’s pretty inactive at this point.

Honestly, we’ve just been too busy with client work this past few years.

At the moment we’re going through a bit of a revamp. We’re expecting a new FeverBee site ideally by the end of the year. Then we’ll revamp this community site with a plan for having someone to run it on the day to day.


Appreciate it @richard_millington @Nick_Emmett. Our business is in the community space and I’ve found there’s not a lot of marketing sites dedicated to this topic, so I think I would find this very helpful and hopefully we’ll see more conversation flowing in the future as Richard suggests.

On a completely different note, my family is all from UK and I used to live there - will you guys be cheering on England in a couple weeks at the World Cup?

Cheers from Canada,