Is it hard to recruit community professionals?


(Mark Baldwin) #1

What a great role. Shame I can’t relocate or sensibly commute to London or I would be very tempted. As an aside @richard_millington I noticed it was posted 4 weeks ago, are companies finding it hard to find the right candidate for these roles?

Recruiting Community Folks? Post Your job Ads Here
(Richard Millington) #2

@Mjbill mind if i move this to a separate discussion question to answer? Trying to keep this thread relatively clean for job ads for now.

(Mark Baldwin) #3

Of course, no problem. :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #4

Thanks. Consider it moved!

I have two answers to this. The first is “I don’t really know”. I haven’t done recruitment for a while.

The second is I think it’s easy at the beginner level, very hard to find top-tier people at the moment. People with experience and a strong, proven, track record of getting communities off the ground are very hard to find and tend to be sourced from platform vendors.

You will notice lots of community managers of, say, Lithium communities moving to other Lithium communities.

That said, I’m in a few private whatsapp groups which often acts as a back channel to seeing who’s open to a move, what kind of salary they need and where they should head to etc…

(Mark Baldwin) #5

This is really interesting. I’ve recently started looking for a new role, I’ve been in the video games industry for 20 years+ and I’m finding it quite difficult to move on. Because of my family circumstances and commitments I can’t relocate and there are not many video game companies hiring nearby or allowing remote opportunities. So I’ve started looking to other areas and I’m finding myself pigeon holed despite the fact that many key skills should be transferable. So it looks like to me that most community professionals just move around their niche markets as it’s easier for them and for employers.

(Luis Villa) #6

That’s completely consistent with my experience. Lots of people find the role interesting, and can do the job at a mediocre-to-competent level. But there isn’t much of a career progression, so lots of good people leave; and there isn’t much training (our fine hosts excepted!) so many promising-but-untrained folks never progress to a higher skill level.

And Mark, I think your point about niche skills is also relevant - Wikimedia’s senior people, for example, are going to be hard to hire into video games, and vice-versa. So that fragmentation doesn’t help when hiring senior people.

(Terri Peluso) #7

Is it ok to post job openings here? I’ve got 2 sweet 6 month+ contract positions open at my company in red wood city, California. One for engagement and one for operations. Trying to build my team.

Thanks and if the answer is no, feel free to remove my post. I’m finding recruiters aren’t working out very well.


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I’m pretty sure there’s a thread for job postings. I’m on my phone though so I can’t check easily.