Invite! Online Community Usergroup UK


(Michael Howard) #1

Those of us who use the Telligent/Zimbra platform have been having regular meetups with presentations from various community professionals to share info and insights.

The meet up has now changed to become the more general ‘Online Community Usergroup UK’.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 19th April at Which? HQ in London - and Patrick Steen, Community Manager at Which? will be presenting on how to build a community to drive positive change.

I met Patrick a couple of weeks ago and he’s doing some really interesting stuff at Which? and has plenty of insights to share. I think it’s going to be a great event. It’s free and there’s free pizza.

Here’s the link -

(Steve Bridger) #2

I’ll try to get along to another meeting soon, @Michael

(Michael Howard) #3

Cool, hope to see you soon. This one should be a pretty good presentation.