Introduction to The Indispensable Community - YOUR FEEDBACK NEEDED!


(Richard Millington) #1

Hi everyone (especially the @ALLIES) group.

In the past month and a half, I’ve completed ‘a draft’ of the book (hence the new title too).

At the moment I’m rewriting the intro section to be snappier, less data-heavy, and clearer about what is the book is about/who it’s for.

I’d love to get some quick feedback on it if any of you have time. Correct typos if you like, but be mindful we’ll have an editor for this and huge sections will probably be rewritten before it goes live:

The key questions I want to know are:

  1. Does it all make sense/are the points logical? (0/5) <- marks out of 5
  2. Is it engaging to read? (0/5)
  3. Does it clearly highlight who the book is for and what the book is about (0/5?

Any overall impressions / means of improving the intro would be greatly appreciated too.


(Alessio Fattorini) #2

Love your INTRO, talking about Autodesk community invites me to know more.
I’m thinking… wow, is that so indispensable? I’d like to build a community like that! Let me know how it works

(Richard Millington) #3

thanks, I did mean the entire section though in the link.

I’d love to get your feedback on the rest of it.

(Griff Wigley) #4

Richard, I like the intro because you wrapped compelling stories of success and failure around hard-hitting, concise, no bullshit explanations.

When I decided to take a look at it, I did it with a mindset of "Well, this isn’t going to all that interesting to me because I’m not a CM for a big org. "

But I was hooked from the get-go.

And methinks there are lessons there for someone like me who’s a CM for a tiny sports hobbyist community of practice!

I can’t think of ways to improve right now so I’ll begrudgingly score it a 5/5/5 :wink:

(Rebecca Braglio) #5

Truly enjoyed this read! And it makes me panic reading it. I just completed a training session with our new hires and put them in the Engagement Trap. Now what do I do lol :slight_smile:

(Adrian Speyer) #6

This is absolutely fantastic. I really think the new intro is much stronger and serves better in bringing all the other chapters together.

Even though I had read much of the other parts earlier, I found the additional content and new angle made your overall message stronger. I especially appreciated your part about selection bias and correlation which lots of people fall into. Well done!

(Richard Millington) #7

This is awesome thanks @ale_fattorini @rebeccabraglio @Adrian @griffinjay.

Any other suggestions or recommendations would also be really useful here.

(Mark Baldwin) #8

Really interesting read, love it. The only small thing I would mention is that if you had just picked up the book and started reading you might be forgiven for thinking that the book was all about the Autodesk community as the first couple of pages are talking specifically about that community.

What audience are you hoping to lure in to read the book @richard_millington ?

Would the section “What Makes A Community Indispensable?” work as a better introduction followed by the Autodesk case study?

Just a thought because as regards the material in general

Does it all make sense/are the points logical? (0/5) 5
Is it engaging to read? (0/5) 5
Does it clearly highlight who the book is for and what the book is about (0/5?) Overall if you read the entire introduction a 5, but if you only read the first page or two maybe a 3.

Hope that helps.

(Richard Millington) #9

Ideally, I’d love to have a story to tell about a company which launched an indispensable community. I did try that with Kaggle, but it felt like it became too technical instead. I think it needs a stronger inciting incident, but if I can’t find something that quite fits the message, I’d probably focus on just launching with a clear, specific, example.

I don’t imagine this is a book that will appear in many bookstores, so most people reading it will probably get it from Amazon - which means they should already know what they’re buying. If not, they’re in for a treat :slight_smile: