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(Nick Emmett) #161

Hey @duncanfield, welcome to the community here, it’s great to hear from you. It sounds like your Community is still in the planning phase - what sort of research are you doing / have you done around it’s viability? Have you formed an idea of the WHY of the community yet - the value people will get from being a member? It’d be great to hear a little about any challenges you’re facing currently, or anything you’re struggling with in the research/planning phase!

Also - what brought you here, how did you know/find out about the community here?

(Sarah Hawk) #162

Hi @duncanfield, glad you found us. I can’t really top @Nick_Emmett’s welcome (but that’s why he’s the Engagement Facilitator :wink: )!

So the first thing I’d look into is where your target audience are currently going to get this information, and how/why you can do it better.

(Rebecca Smith) #163

Hey everyone - I’m a communications manager at a nonprofit that started a community about a year ago. We don’t yet have a community manager so I am trying to learn everything I can about creating a dynamic community without it taking over my whole job. Happy to have the resources and support here!

(Sarah Hawk) #164

Hey Rebecca, great to hear from you.
We have lots of members working in nonprofits, so if you have specific questions or challenges, you’ve come to the right place!

What are you finding the most challenging at the moment?

(Duncan Field) #165

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for the thoughts. I guess the answer to your point is twofold.
First, we have a wide member base that come to us for resources in many
forms - we have handbooks, webinars, email subscriptions, conferences, and
one-to-one phone and email service (they come with questions, we pair them
with experts as answers). This information goes back over thirty years, so
we have an extensive database. Our goal is to leverage that existing
membership to get them involved in the online community to help us push out
some of the less technical information for them to discuss, either with us
or with each other. We have the audience, it’s a matter of setting it up so
they use it. It will also help us identify what topics are of interest to
our members, as we’ll be able to see what people are talking about as they
bring their own articles and thoughts forward in a more informal setting.

It will also be an effort to target non-members, and get their input as
well. We typically have fairly specific membership criteria, so opening up
the discussion to a wider audience will give us a better picture of who and
what is out there. I think identifying where that group gets their news and
information will be the trickier part. And the thinking is that ther’ll be
an opportunity to convert non-members to some of our membership or service
options via the community, although that isn’t the priority.

(Duncan Field) #166

Hi @Nick_Emmett, thanks for the warm welcome.

We’re very much still in the planning phase - I’m using some of the resources in the FeverBee store to help give me a starting point for translating our organizational goals into tangible policies and strategy. Like I mentioned to @HAWK, we already have a target audience in our existing member organizations, although we do want to reach the wider charity world in Canada.

Here’s where I see some of the value of joining the community (as the idea exists now)

  • Access to relevant current events, comments on legislation/jurisprudence, opinions, all shared by members of a large community with similar challenges and goals

  • A platform for connecting with similar organizations, and the ability to host private conversations via chat or PM. Hopefully this will allow people to share more private questions or concerns

  • A job board - one of our visions is the inclusion of a job board specific to our demographic (faith-based charity), it will allow users to narrow their search because people who work in this industry typically have a passion for it (probably because it has notoriously lower pay!) and often want to stay. It will be hard to compete with a resource like though, which has great features. Maybe the prospect of having informal conversations about job listings/compensation/ other HR policies will bring value to employers using that feature?

  • It’s customizable - looking through our knowledge bank can be a little daunting because of the complexity of the information, the breadth of service, and simply how long we’ve been around. Being able to browse only your areas of interest/relevant to your job will add a simpler way of interacting with us. For example, people in human resources roles won’t have the time or interest to read through current comments on tax law, so being able to select only groups/threads on HR, or tax, or governance, will make it more worthwhile to use than some of our other avenues of service, depending on the needs of the user.

I’m curious if anyone has any research or thoughts on the effect of forums or communities on brand recognition or reputation. We’re hoping that hosting these conversations will help us spread our reach, and we hope our reputation can help draw people into the community itself, but I wonder if there is any risk of muddying the waters by hosting information outside of our control. For example, it would not be good to host information about tax law, for example, that is incorrect. We’ve gone over the legal questions there, but it deosn’t change the fact that the value of something like this rests in the information and connections we host. It almost seems like there is a very important need for moderation, or at least a healthy community practise of self-moderation, where people feel free to correct or help others.

  • I found this place while I researched some basic resources for strategic planning! The forums have been great to read through, and I plan on sticking around

The effect of forums or communities on brand recognition
(Renée Van Holsteijn) #167

Hi all!

I’m Renée from The Hague (Netherlands). Since june 1st I started as a Community Manager at T-Mobile (after 3 years of content management). I try to combine common sense with good theories and experiences of other community managers.

I’m building 2 communities: an internal one via Facebook at Work, and one with people >50 years who’d love to get help with their mobile device. That kind of help that daughters/sons are always too busy for :slight_smile:

So, now I said hi, I’ll have a look in this cool community. Loads of great topics and interactions!


(Paula Munch) #168

Hi! I am Paula - and I manage community at

(Sarah Hawk) #169

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(Sarah Hawk) #170

Yay! Congratulations on the new role and welcome to the fold. Glad you found us.
Any particular challenges that we can help you troubleshoot? What is the hardest part of your day?

Hey Paula, great to hear from you. Have you been in your job for long?

(Renée Van Holsteijn) #171

Thanks Sarah! The hardest part is to convince my colleagues to use Facebook at Work. Everyday I read a chapter of Buzzing Communities, which helps me a lot!

(Sarah Hawk) #172

As @richard_millington would say, you need to persuade, not convince.

(Robert Hopman) #173

Current challenge is NDA :slight_smile: .

I’m just here to share my experience.

(Renée Van Holsteijn) #174

Wow… That’s a good one. Thanks @HAWK and @richard_millington, I’m learning everyday!

I’m trying to find the right balance between being patient for this community to grow during holiday season and being active to persuade them. Doing nothing feels like lazy, doing too much can have the opposite effect.

(Sarah Hawk) #175

I really hear you on this. It’s such a fine balance and all of us that have launched a community from scratch (or done a major relaunch) probably know how you feel.

Even here there was a period of time that I jokingly referred to this community as The Hawk Show because it felt like every time someone asked a question, I’d answer it with my own opinion/thoughts/experience. It felt like the balance was off. That’s ok though – it’s part of the growth process.

So to combat this, rather than doing nothing I’d spend my energy looking for someone else that could answer the question better than me, and I’d personally contact them and ask them to jump in. That is very granular, manual work, but it pays off.

(Chris Catania) #176

Hi all - It’s great to join the FeverBee community! I’ve been doing a mix of strategic communications, employee and customer online community building and creative writing for the last 15 years. I’ve worked at various agencies, I worked at Walgreens for the last 5 years and built their internal collaboration community (ESN) for employees from the ground up and now I’ve recently moved on to Esri to head up their customer community strategy. I regularly share what I’m learning in life and work on my personal site Live Fix.

Thanks and I look forward to connecting with you all here in the FeverBee community!

(Nick Emmett) #177

Hey @chriscatania, welcome to the community here, it’s great to hear from you.
I made a similar move, in that I managed an internal community and now manage a customer community. Are you live with Esri’s community, or still in the planning stages? It’d be great to hear more from your journey, and don’t forget, if you have any questions, no matter how trivial they same, just start a new post and throw it out there!

(Talitha Hlaka) #178

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your response and apologies for my very late response. I’m from South Africa and Corruption is very rife here, thats how the idea came about. We are however gaining membership from different individuals not just in SA but around the world, proving that corruption is something that affects everyone around the world. I have noticed that a lot of people are not sure of what to do once they join the community, and hence we have not been experiencing a lot of engagement as a result. Though our membership continues to grow daily.

I have just posted a discussion post as an attempt to get some ideas for growing and engaging this community - this is on a promotion im currently working on. Please check my post under community management, titled “promoting a community”.


(Talitha Hlaka) #179

Hi Hawk,

I have just posted a discussion post as an attempt to get some ideas for growing and engaging this community - this is on a promotion im currently working on. Please check my post under community management, titled “promoting a community”.


(Nick Emmett) #181

Hey @jesswlms, welcome to the Community here at FeverBee, it’s great to hear from you.[quote=“jesswlms, post:180, topic:2430”]
spent the last couple of years really digging into user persona work, journey mapping, surveying and other methods of truly understanding member needs of a community with 1 million users. It was some of the most rewarding work I’ve done.

This is great, I don’t think we’ve had much conversation here around topics like user persona’s - perhaps you could start a new topic and share some of your experience with the group?

This sounds pretty epic, 1m members is huge - what sort of challenges did it bring for you and what sort of needs did you find between them all?[quote=“jesswlms, post:180, topic:2430”]
I’m currently looking for a new role while working on meeting people in the industry and soaking up wisdom. Very grateful to have found FeverBee.

Good luck in your quest, and we’re glad you found us too :slight_smile:

Edit: I now realise the topic split has already been done by @HAWK :slight_smile: - Welcome still, and I’ll check out the thread!