Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Michael Johnson) #425

We launched the first of the year after a soft launch the week before Christmas. Things are going well and people are excited. We’ve had a network for over 10 years and this is our first jump into a digital community.

We are trying to transform engineering education by combining the technical skillset that students are already being taught with a focus on mindset (specifically the entrepreneurial mindset). The hope is that by doing this, students will graduate with a broader understanding of the world around them and be able to create value for themselves and others.

Typical members are engineering faculty at US colleges and universities. We currently have 33 university partners, and faculty from these institutions make up the bulk of the community.

And I appreciate curiosity! It is one of the key elements of an entrepreneurial mindset :slight_smile:

(Martijn Terpstra) #426

Hi all,

My name is Martijn and I work for insided, a vendor in the community platform space. I’ve been working for inSided for about 4 years now and previously active in communities from a personal interest. I’ve worked with companies such as Sonos, SoundCloud, T-Mobile and Nutanix to launch their online communities. I’m interested in participating in the discussions here, see if I can help anybody out with community management related advice and happy to help if anybody is interested in exploring inSided or has questions about our platform.

(Shreyas) #427

Hey Martijn,

Welcome to FeverBee Experts.

I came across inSided sometime last year while doing a research project on online community platforms. Insided also has some pretty good reviews here. :slight_smile:

Do you work on the community strategy side of things at inSided?

(ana campos) #428

Hi everyone! My name is Ana and I’m the community manager at Postcrossing, a community of postcard enthusiasts which my partner and I been running for almost 13 years.

(Nick Emmett) #429

Hey there @ana - welcome to Feverbee, it’s great to hear from you.

Postcard enthusiasts sounds very niche, which is great - what do you aim to achieve with your community? What compels your members to come back?

I’d love to hear about what you’ve learned in those last 13 years? What’s changed for you?

It’s great to have you here

(ana campos) #430

Hi @Nick_Emmett — thank you for having me!

Postcard are definitely a niche, but a surprisingly wide one: we have grandmas in Finland, school kids in Tuvalu, priests in the Vatican… and everyone in between. Our goal is simply to connect the world through postcards! :slight_smile: he community is part of a website that has members send postcards randomly to each other, in an effort to spread this tiny spike of happiness that comes with getting home at the end of the day and finding something nice on our mailbox. Turns out, the more digital things become, the more we appreciate these tokens of effort, dedication and connection from other human beings.

To us, it’s a very personal project that grew out of our own love for postcards and traditional mail. Truth be told, we never anticipated such an enthusiastic response or even a “community”. We’re immensely proud of this thing we’ve built, but running the community for so long (even with volunteers) is becoming exhausting and taking a big part of our energy and enthusiasm — especially when there’s change involved.

I’m not sure how to regain some of the initial enthusiasm, but I hope this forum will help give me some perspective. I came here looking for experiences of others moving from legacy forums to Discourse (something we’re considering), but the amount of information I found on Feverbee (on all kinds of topics!) is huge. So I think I’ll stick around and explore, maybe contribute a bit too. :slight_smile:

(Sara luck) #431

Hi shauna

(Kate Lindemans) #432

Hi everyone! I’m Kate and I’m community manager for Talk London, City Hall’s online community where we host consultations and discuss London issues. We’ve been around for 6 years now (I joined the team just over a year ago).

(Amy Kochert) #433

Hi all! Amy here - I work for a SaaS company, in the NW suburbs of Chicago. We are currently evaluating community platforms and will be looking to hire a community manager. I’d love to chat with anyone who 1) has insight into this role and specific “must-have” requirements 2) feedback on roles and responsibilities for implementation, project management, managing day to day vs. strategic. If you’d like to have a conversation, let me know!

(Nick Emmett) #434

Hey @katecrl - welcome to the Feverbee Community, it’s great to hear from you! What’s your biggest challenge with the Talk London community at the minute? What are you working on at the minute?

(Nick Emmett) #435

Hey @amy_kochert - surpriiise! - Great to see you here - I’m really glad you found this haven, there’s so much information that will REALLY help you on your journey here. This link has some great examples and discussion: Examples of CM job descriptions - i was going to highlight it in our chat today but those darn gremlins got involved grrrr! So pleased you found this community! :slight_smile:

(Kate Lindemans) #436

Thanks @Nick_Emmett! Lots of stuff going on at the moment, as we’ve been running most of the Mayor’s public consultations. The community is growing steadily, which makes retention and keeping it relevant for everyone a bit challenging.

I love reading what others are doing and found some great examples on here too :slight_smile:

How about you?

(Robert McIntosh) #437

Hi Kate

Great to meet you - I’m a fellow Londoner and already had a Talk London profile (as a respondent to the ULEZ consultation). Would be great to know more about your plans

(Kate Lindemans) #438

Hi Robert! How nice, great to meet you too.

Have you taken part in any other consultations/surveys/discussions, since ULEZ?

I’m afraid I can’t share much of what’s to come, but will let you know as soon as I can :slight_smile:

(Cheryl Fleming) #439

LinkedIn group owner of over 700k marketers. Looking to start a group here as their new group rollout blows. (To put it mildly)

(Piper_Wilson) #440

Hi everyone!