Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Richard Millington) #405

Aside from using the previous manager’s course account, that was a really great introduction :slight_smile: thanks @gerdi

Awesome to see you involved here. Is there any one big challenge we could help you tackle?

(Gerdi Zarza) #406

Hahah i already felt a bit regret that i told iT, but the account hasn’t been used yet so i will use it first and to the fullest, no second hand :wink: the biggest challenge is to start iT up en getting people engaged and in the habitmode of visiting the community… getting the basics right…:hugs:

(Richard Millington) #407

Heh, no worries.

What’s the goal of the community? What’s the big hook / concept to get people to join and participate?

(Ayanda Khuzwayo) #408

Hi everyone my name is Ayanda Khuzwayo i do not currently manage but a community. however i am an intern at Indigo New Media and the plan is community management. I am very passionate about the digital world and i hope to learn as much as i can on community management. Im also very passionate about music, fashion and soccer. I blog about music and small businesses occasionally.

Thank you

(Richard Millington) #409

Hey @ayanda

You’re in the right place!

How can we help? Is there any particular brand of community management you’re interested in?

(Ayanda Khuzwayo) #410

Hey @richard_millington

im fairly new in the world of Community management. I was hoping you would enlighten me in the different brands of community management, and also what aspiring community managers should grasp early on.

Kind regards

(Richard Millington) #411

Hi @ayanda

How do you mean by different brands? In terms of platforms or companies doing the work? The latter is a REALLY big list :slight_smile:

I think at the moment I’d focus on just understanding how community management fits into the larger role of what an organization does.

(Ayanda Khuzwayo) #412

Thank how would you say it fits into the larger role of what an
organisation does? and what some of the early lessons you learnt in
Community management

(Richard Millington) #413

I would say it depends a lot on the type of community you’re working on.

Different organizations place it under different areas. We’re seeing it mostly lie within customer service and marketing in most of the client projects we’ve worked on.

(Richard Millington) #414

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(olivia Jones) #415

I am a Designer at Vogue Crafts & Designs Pvt. Ltd.

(Scott Hawkins) #416

Hey @HAWK first of all wishing you all Happy Holidays and the best for 2018. Brand new to Feverbee today. It’s funny, when you first get involved in Communities, Feverbee is mentioned everywhere you look for inspiration but when you first start you get so tied up in reporting and management and doing things your own way, you quickly lose sight of the fact that there are lots of people out there doing the self same thing and can offer you support and perhaps as important, valuable insight.

So this is my ‘Hi’. Our Community is for users of our Cloud Contact Centre software. It takes contacts to a more personalised level, leveraging the huge Salesforce Cloud(s) to make conversation great. Like @Nick_Emmett at FF, we use Salesforce Cloud Community to provide support, advice and guidance and open discussions about everything Newvoicemedia. It’s a traditional B2B. The community launched in July this year and already we have managed to hook in over 50% of our direct customer accounts to get involved. (but we want 100%, work in progress you could say)…

So, on Community living, Scott’s a novice, but in Contact Centre, then I can lean on 25 years of experience. Hopefully I will be able to offer useful posts, and not just take take take from here :slight_smile:

(Nick Emmett) #417

Yes @ohno - Great to see you here at last!

It’d be great to hear about your journey to date Scott, there’s always something members here can offer, no matter what your experience - I’m looking forwarding to hearing your voice chipping in when you can :slight_smile:

Scott and I have had a few conversations over the last year and I’ve really enjoyed them, along with watching the development of the community at NewVoiceMedia - it’s great to see you in here Scott, and I’m looking forward to seeing you and your community really develop.

(Wade Wilson) #418

hello I’m new here, nice to meet you

(Patrick Heijmans) #419

Hello, mijn name is Patrick and i am the community manager from a dutch community called webwinkelcommunity. In this community we talk about everythinh abouts Webshops :wink:

(Richard Millington) #420

Hey @patrick_heijmans

Welcome to FeverBee Experts. Really happy to have you here.

What do you mean by Webshops? Is that a brand name?

What would be a dream problem we can help you solve here?

(Richard Millington) #421

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(Michael Johnson) #422

I’m Michael and I manage a newly launched community of engineering faculty that is trying to transform engineering education in the US.

(Piper_Wilson) #423

Welcome! Your venture sounds exciting. Best of luck.

(Nick Emmett) #424

Hey @michael_johnson_1 - welcome to the Feverbee Experts, it’s great to hear from you.
how new is newly launched? And how things going so far?
What is your community trying to achieve? Who are the typical members?

Apologies for all the questions by the way - I’m naturally curious! :slight_smile:

I look forward to your journey :slight_smile: