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My name is Danielle and I have taken the Strategic Community mgt course over the past months while we were launching our community Our commnunity is a closed community which is only available for our Rabobank agricultural clients. We strongly believe that is not only more about offering finance (anyone can do this right?) but also providing knowledge and a trusted network.

As a product owner I try to prioritize all the requests that come in from various stakeholders in our organisation. And since we are starting this community we don’t have a lot of members yet who we can ask for feedback. So trying to make a shift from opinions (we should really do this because this a cool!) to a more strategic approach will definitely help me!

(Richard Millington) #386

Hi @danielleh,

Glad to see you made it to the community. It was a pleasure having you on the course. How many members are you expecting in the group? Closed communities represent different challenges (and opportunities).

Would love to know more about the group today. What kind of numbers do you have? What are people asked to do? What’s the benefit for customers in terms of daily relevance etc?

(Shannon Kenneally) #387

Hi everyone! I am Shannon Kenneally. I manage an online community of 6000+ corporate tax professionals and students.

(Danielle van der Heijden) #388

We are aiming at having 5000 registered members by the end of the year and 10% participating. Or at least visiting on a monthly basis. People are asked to share their biggest worries so others could help them or share their successes of course so others could learn from them.

(Nick Emmett) #389

Welcome @danielleh - I too was on the course and have been missing in action ever since! Take from that what you will lol

5000 sounds a big number for a new community in the time left in the year - where abouts are you on that road just now? Do you feel it’s achievable?

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Welcome @shannonk – sounds like an interesting community. I worked with a client once who was conceptualising a community for tax and M&A professionals. They were concerned about the level of sharing given the proprietary nature of the content. Do you have any issues like that?

(Shannon Kenneally) #391

Thank you @HAWK We do have an issue with engagement but not for that reason. Our community focuses more on career development and leadership rather than the technical side of tax.

(Nick Emmett) #392

Hey @shannonk - welcome to the Community here at Feverbee.
Sounds like a decent size community you have -there.

What sort of issues do you think you do have? What levels of engagement are you seeing currently and where do you want to be?

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Just want to say a huge thanks to you @Nick_Emmett for doing this all this time. It’s very much appreciated.

(Nick Emmett) #394

Hey @richard_millington - it’s a pleasure - I just wish I had more time time just lately to be on here more than I have! Thanks you and @HAWK for letting me be a bit more involved in the community, I’ve got an absolute ton from this place so if I can help others do the same I love the place even more! :slight_smile:

(Sue Gemmell) #395

Hello! I’ve joined because the information and processes shared by FeverBee are very relevant to the success of the communities I manage. A challenge is our workplace is the many languages (26 primary languages) and cultures. I’m interested in hearing from people who work in multicultural environments, and discussing what makes all people feel welcome and motivated to contribute in communties. I have some ideas… looking forward to the conversations.

I manage the Intranet for a global humanitarian organization, Mercy Corps, which works in 40+ countries. Our mission: Alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. After lukewarm reception (at best) to other platforms, we launched Workplace (Facebook for work), and it’s very successful.

(Richard Millington) #396

Hi @sue, I’m sure @Phoebe_Shin_Venkat would be thrilled to hear that :slight_smile:

Would love to learn more about the goal of the community. How are you tracking success etc?

Might be a great case study for the book I’m writing at the moment too.

(Piper_Wilson) #397

Hello everyone! I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but it’s good to see new people.

(Nick Emmett) #398

Me too @Piper_Wilson - it’s so annoying when that work thing gets in the way!

(Michel DENIS) #399

I’m Michel, from France. Having worked on designing CoPs for a long time, I’m currently especially interested by the concept of Communities of Learning that I’d like to design for e-learning communities (schools, enterprises, …).

Any feedback regarding this specific area of communities will help me greatly !

Best regards,

(Piper_Wilson) #400

Welcome to the crew. I think you may get more feedback if you start a new thread. Unfortunately, I don’t personally have anything to offer you, but I’ll bet there are folks here with the knowledge you’re looking for.

(Nick Emmett) #401

Hey @micheldenis, welcome to Feverbee Experts, it’s great to hear from you.

Where does your interest in Learning Communities lie?
What sort of feedback are you looking at?
Do you have a community or group in mind already?

@Mike_Collins may have some thoughts on this area.

(Michel DENIS) #402

Hi Nick,
Thank you for your reply.
I’m dealing with a number of communities of learning in universities, corporations and training-specialised companies.
For instance I’m wonderling how / how much the concepts addressed by this forum can be applied to communities of learning ?
Every quarter or so I’m bootstrapping e-learning projects here and there, so the interest is certain…

Kind regards,

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(Gerdi Zarza) #404

Hi! I’m new here so i will introduce myself:) I am the community manager of a dutch community for people that particulairly work in healthcare for the elderly. We are all about connecting and facilitating for our members ( online and offline meetings).
I am the second community manager, the first one had a good start but somehow it didn’t succeed (yet).
I am now making a roadmap for the work we are doing, instead of (only) being reactive. My first community managing job, A big challenge overall!
Have been reading @richard_millington his book and lurking around the community for a couple of weeks, thanks for sharing all the knowledge, i will also follow one of the programs since the previous manager has an account .
Have a great day, bye