Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Li Licht) #344

I’m interested in making my community vivit and fun to be!

(Sarah Hawk) #345

Hi Li,
Great to hear from you. Tell us a bit about your community. What is it’s objective?

(Karlee Andrews) #346

Hello everyone! I’m a brand new community manager embarking on the journey of developing and managing a shiny new community. I’m excited about my new focus and I’m stoked to be a part of this community!

(Sarah Hawk) #347

Hey Karlee,
That’s exciting! Glad you found us.

What type of community/organisation are you working for?
And how far down the path are you? (i.e. have you launched yet)?

(Nick Emmett) #348

Hey @karlee - great to hear from you and welcome! Congrats on the gig by the way, what did you do previously? this is the PERFECT place to come and sound out your ideas and get some tips and advice, don’t be shy about asking anything you have in mind, everyone’s here to both help and learn from you too.

(Karlee Andrews) #349

Hi @Nick_Emmett ! Thank you so much! I appreciate the support! Before this, I was the marketing director of a small online women’s boutique. Although being a community manager is much different, I can definitely see how my previous role has helped me to strategize for our community.

I know I will have lots of questions, so I’m sure you’ll see me posing questions in forums from time to time.

Thanks again!

(Karlee Andrews) #350

Hi Sarah!

We’re a boutique marketplace building a private community for our sellers. Our goal is create a space where sellers can learn, engage and collaborate. We’ve found that not only do our sellers benefit from educating themselves on the best practices of selling on our platform, but they also find networking with other sellers helpful.

We plan to launch mid January, so I’m really trying to focus on my strategy and finding a meaning behind the things that I implement.

(Sarah Hawk) #351

You might find it useful to connect with @renegadero – Ro managed the Vinted community, which is pretty awesome.

(Karlee Andrews) #352

Oh awesome! Will do! Thank you!

(Emilio F. Castillo) #353

Hello My name is Emilio. I am new to online communities. I recently purchased an online community and we have plans of migrating from vBulletin to Discourse. We’ve come across your forum and we see there is good commentary here. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

(Nick Emmett) #354

Hi @emilio_f_castillo , welcome to the Feverbee Experts Community, it’s great to have you hear.

Tell us more about your background and the organisation your community will operate within?

Glad you’ve noticed, be sure to shout up with any questions that come to mind - there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience in the group from all types of communities.

(Jenny Sutherland) #355

G’day from Australia!

I found out about this place from the psych files podcast, so that’s a small hint into some of my interests.

What do I do? I feel like I don’t do anything, but when I stop and look… I’m doing a lot!

I livestream video games on YouTube, which has a great community overall, and within individual channels.

I co-own and run a mid sized Minecraft server, a lot of us streamers play and stream on there with our viewers. It’s a very diverse community to try and handle. We have to think creatively to help apply rules and guidelines to make sure everyone has fun and safe from trolls.

Along with running and playing Minecraft, I am also a mod author which has its own seperate social workings as well! I would love to bring everyone together somehow.

And those are just my online things! I am a disability activist, LGBTQIA activist, and studying community development.

Communities, how people communicate, behave, and think are all things I have on my mind!

Other hobbies include; game dev/design, chihuahuas, spinning yarn, archaeology, mental health studies, living with my brother, gender and sexuality education… and rats!


(Nick Emmett) #356

G’day! And welcome! Some bonzer things in your post about what you do, community is clearly a huge part of your life? Where is your community based, via the YT channel? or elsewhere?

It’d be great to hear your experiences when you get chance, along with your perspective on the wide variety of topics around. And of course, if you have any questions, no matter how silly you think they might sound - please just ask them - someone else in here might just have the same question in mind and learn via you.

(Caitlin Neiman) #357

Hi there! My name is Caitlin and I recently joined Mozilla as a new Add-on Community Manager. This is my first time in a community management role. So far, I’m really enjoying the work. The Add-ons team has a diverse community of developers, volunteer reviewers, code contributors, and end users. However, the recent platform-wide plan to transition from SDK add-ons to WebExtensions has left some of our long-term contributors very disgruntled. It should be an interesting year.

I’m particularly interested in getting involved in conversations about volunteer retention and recruitment and how to handle difficult conversations without the benefit of face-to-face interactions.

Thanks, ya’ll! Looking forward to talking with you.

(Shreyas) #358

Hey @caitmuenster! Great to hear from you and welcome to FeverBee Experts. I’ve been a Mozilla volunteer for the past 5 years & can vouch for the diversity of the add-on community. :slight_smile:
Also, :heart: the hand-written letter from the Add-ons team to the volunteers. Members loved it!

(Scott Lee) #359

Hi I am Scott, I manage a consultancy in Hong Kong running insight communities for different brands. I just stumbled on this community from Richard’s book, and am really interested in learning more about community management so I can inspire our community managers to create more buzzing communities. I was also just thinking about how to plan out some engaging discussions for an insurance community we are launching down in the Philippines! Even this post on intros is a good idea so thanks already !

(Sarah Hawk) #360

Hi Scott,
Glad you found us. Do you work with communities all around the world?

(Lisa Cox) #361


Great to be here! I have a background in Graphic Design and Branding. Currently am in sales. I’m planning a membership site that will become (hopefully) my full time work, and I can quit working for someone else. I have a fierce entrepreneurial streak! I’m a complete newbie to this process. SO much to learn!

I am a breast cancer survivor (just hit my 5 year mark!) and I am planning a membership site to support survivors who are dealing with the ongoing emotional impact of cancer, its treatment and learning to “be” in a post-cancer world. I’m here to learn from all of you! Thanks so much!


(Sarah Hawk) #362

Welcome Lisa. I love your energy. How far through the planning stage are you and what is your biggest challenge at the moment?

We have a growing number of members who work in illness and cancer communities.

@michael is at Macmillan Cancer Support
Melissa is at @Breastcancer_org
@lacey_ccs is at the Canadian Cancer Society
@Priscilla manages and end of life and bereavement community
@colleenyoung is at Mayo Clinic and @MHCommMgr manages several health related groups.

(Scott Lee) #363

Hi Sarah, yes our communities can stretch all round the world, for example we have community for a HK based airline that interacts with its customers in US, UK, China, Australia, and Asia. I am just going to reccomend this forum to some of our community managers, hopefully they will find it interesting too!