Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Kirk Irons) #324

I am in the early stages of developing a clothing company. I believe that fashion sales are all about identity. So, I am trying to identify & bring together my community using the resources y’all have here.

(Sarah Hawk) #325

This is probably of direct relevance to you:

(Delfin Vassallo) #326

Our communities were based on the model one community = one language. Although they were built under the same structure and linked in the back end, we managed them as separate entities.

Overall due to the culture every language has behind, you really don’t want to mix French-speaking members with those in English, and even less the latter with Russian speakers.

Kety thing is to understand how the Internet (and the concept of online community consequently) has evolved in every country/region of the world. Launching the community in Spanish or Italian was much easier than starting the Turkish or the Vietnamese

(Darran Crook) #327

Wow Jake, you sound like a great person to know! I’m going to become a Community Manager for the first time (sounds like I’m having a baby)…!! New world for me, I’m coming at this from the Energy industry so its going to be a interesting journey to get people engaged in that as a subject, but we are committed to making it work!

Anything hints and tips for a newbie very welcome!!



(Sarah Hawk) #328

I have some! Here’s our Ultimate List of Resources

If you have specific questions/challenges/concerns then start a topic and we can break them down.

(Darran Crook) #329

Awesome thanks for the link I’ll check it out!!

(Nick Emmett) #330

One of my favourite resources online about the fundamentals of community management!

Welcome @darranc - it’s great to have you here. What angle within the energy industry is your community aimed at? @Chris_Detzel is also involved in that industry, might be worth catching up.

(Darran Crook) #331

Thanks for the message Nick! And thanks also for the intro, very helpful!! As a newbie these contacts are massively important! Any tips on things to avoid, things that work well gratefully received!


(Lacey Horta) #332

Hi Everyone!

I am the moderator of an online community for cancer patients and their families.This role is relatively new to me, I have only been moderating since June of this year. I have been working with the Canadian Cancer Society for three years providing information and support, so that aspect is not new. However providing support strictly online through the community is very new.

I look forward to learning new strategies for engaging new members, building core members, and moderating effectively. I am interested in all the information I can get!

Thanks for listening,

(Nick Emmett) #333

Hey there @lacey_ccs, welcome to the community here at Feverbee Experts, it’s great to hear from you. We have a few people in here with similar communities, let me find them and connect you - off the top of my head I can remember @Priscilla.

So what’s made the change in to online community management for you?
If you have any questions or thoughts, be sure to shout up, there’s no such thing as a silly question in here

(Sarah Hawk) #334

No 1 thing to avoid: launching without a founding group with whom you have strong relationships
No 1 thing that works: starting small and building slowly

Welcome @lacey_ccs – as well as Priscilla, @colleenyoung, @MHCommMgr and @Robert_Pleticha work in healthcare communities.

(Darran Crook) #335

Thanks Sarah, useful tips!!!

(Lacey Horta) #336

Hi Nick,

I have been a social worker for 12 years.I already worked for CCS providing information and support by phone and email. I started assisting with the community in June and it was a natural fit for me. I took it over fulltime in September. I really love it and am so passionate about learning more to continue to grow the community and make it a safe and supportive place.

I will definitely connect with @Priscilla!


(Priscilla McClay) #337

Hi @lacey_ccs, Yes, happy to connect. I currently work on a palliative care and bereavement community, but I previously worked on a large cancer support community.

(Sarah Hawk) #338

Actually, @Michael would be another good contact for you – he currently manages the community for Macmillan Cancer Support.

(Colleen Young) #339

Hi @lacey_ccs, Good to see you in the community. And congrats on landing the job with the Society. I had my fingers crossed for you. Your passion for the CCS community and community management came through clearly during our sessions together.

I look forward to seeing the activity reignite on as a result of things you learn here :slight_smile:

(Lacey Horta) #340

Thank you everyone! I look forward to connecting with you all.

Great to hear from you @colleenyoung, our sessions were so informative!

(Kerry Hecht) #341


I’m Kerry and I run the Research Services Division of Recollective. We’re a community software provider, but are often called on to provide best practice suggestions. I’m here to learn and contribute when I can!


(Nick Emmett) #342

Hey @kerry, welcome to Feverbee Experts, it’s great to hear from you. What sort of challenges are you working through at the moment? Do you manage a community or are you here gathering research?:slight_smile: Either way it’s great to have more insight, as with all communities, the wider the net, the more likely a catch becomes. Let us know how we can help :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #343

I’ve used as a good example of an online community for years. Thanks for joining us.