Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Juan chadarevian) #304

Hi everyone!

I am Juan from Argentina and I am running an online community from people all over Latin America.
It’s about cooperative professional development. The main idea is that each of us is looking something, but the truth is that we may be looking somebody who help us get that “something”. It’s based in solving practical challenges, obtaining different perspectives and building mid/long-term relationships or allies.

We launched the project a couple of months ago and this is way I am getting involve in Community Management. Loving the subject and really excited to be here :slight_smile:

Hope to meet you soon.

(Sarah Hawk) #305

Hi Juan,
Welcome! That sounds like an interesting concept.

How did you approach launching? Do you have the level of engagement that you were hoping for?

(Juan chadarevian) #306

Well, we started with a workshop model. People signed up for a 4-week online workshop where they work together in certain skills, mostly social but with the focus placed on the professional development. Like I said, the main idea is to keep leveling up with allies.
The community comes after that workshop, with different weekly activities. We want people to keep in touch and to work in their own objectives but with the community leverage.

I think we lost half of the members, and I think that emphasizing the workshop, over the consequent community wasn’t a good idea. Most of them finished the 4 weeks with a “graduate” thought, without having a sense of continuity.

(Sarah Hawk) #307

Interesting insight. Do you still run the workshops? It’d be interesting to see how you can influence that retention rate with your initial messaging.

(Juan chadarevian) #308

Yes, we still run the workshops, but now we will communicating the community much earlier.

I think we are still testing, because there was only a workshop of 20 people, and in a couple of weeks starts the second one. Think that still is too early to get major conclusions. I will tell you how works to start preaching about the community since the beginning :wink:

(Sarah Hawk) #309

Please do. I think there are some great potential learnings here.

(Yaa Adansi-Pipim) #310

Hi! I’m Yaa and I manage a community of teachers for an Education Charity based in London.

I am currently working on ways to keep teachers engaged and interested in what we offer. We provide course materials to teachers which they can use in their classrooms. All of the resources and CPD training is available online. The main challenges of the role are trying to find more teachers who want to deliver our course in their classroom, getting teachers to deliver the course once they complete the sign-up form, and retaining the teachers who have delivered the course for a year or more.

(Sarah Hawk) #311

Welcome Yaa, great to hear from you.

@LouisaS might be an useful person to connect with. She is also challenged with getting teachers to engage.

@Jay_Pfaffman and @paulinemareewilson will likely also have some valuable insights.

(Nick Emmett) #312

Hey @yaapipim - it’s great to hear from you, welcome to the Community here. Education is a great area for Communities to help bring people together and share and network.

What sort of things have you tried so far?
Why would people come to your community, and what’s the value I should expect to receive as a member?

Also, how well established is your Community - how long have you been around?
@Mike_Collins has been working with Learning Professionals in the DPG Community for quite some time now and may have some valuable thoughts here.

(Kirsten Hund) #313

Excited to join the conversation. We are in the beginning stages of launching and online community through our AMS - YourMembership. Our association serves the elementary school leaders in Texas with about 6000 members. Looking forward to learning ideas and best practices as we head into this new territory!

(Sarah Hawk) #314

What a coincidence – it sounds like you and @yaapipim (above) might have similar challenges and opportunities.

And from a more selfish perspective – I have a question of my own.
You’ve been a member here for ~7 months. What prompted you to make your first post after all that time? (I’m very glad you did.)

(Kirsten Hund) #315

We have been back and forth on the launch of our online community and who was going to oversee. Now that plans have solidified I’m ready to jump in full force. I had honestly forgot I had joined the community. I’ve enjoyed reading the email updated and gained some good ideas. I signed up for the course starting in January and figured Inshoild become active in the group. I missed or didn’t catch notices to come to the group for discussions so didn’t know I was missing out. Glad to be here now too and sorry it took so long!

(Sarah Hawk) #316

No apology necessary – thanks for the feedback!

Check your DMs for info about the course discussions – I sent you through details earlier today. :slight_smile:

(Jen Thoroughgood) #317

Hello! Have been meaning to sign up to this community for a while…

I don’t manage a community per se but work for a software company that provides a platform for creating ‘knowledge networks’, that are really just a specific type of online community. This means I am interested in all things to do with online engagement. I’m also a big FeverBee fan. I recommended FB consultancy and training to our biggest customer and they are finding it really valuable.

I’m looking to recruit a community / engagement expert to work for our company and also to get feedback on our platform, so this seemed like a good place to start!

I’m also really interested in what community managers want from their software and what success looks like to them.

Looking forward to taking part in the conversation…

(Sarah Hawk) #318

So glad you did. Welcome.

These are such great questions. Let me shoot you a message and we’ll figure out the best way to solicit some of this info for you.

(Ellen Dick) #319

Hi team, Great to be a part of the community Community! :wave:

I am the Community manager at Auror - A crime prevention software platform that enables information sharing and investigative collaboration between businesses :busts_in_silhouette: and Police :cop: . We have an amazing Community of Crime Fighters across New Zealand and Australia (for now) that work together to make their communities safer.

I’m currently the whole community team, working closely with our product and marketing teams. This means I cover everything from User support, training, onboarding and user comms to relationship management and inbound sales. I’m excited to hear from you all, Fever Bee experts! (especially if you have expertise on scaling your community team) :+1:

(Sarah Hawk) #320

So glad to have you here @ellen_dick – this place needs more kiwis. :wink:

We have a number of members that have scaled teams. If you have questions, start a topic and I’ll tag some people in.

(Nick Emmett) #321

Hey there @ellen_dick - welcome to the community here, it’s great to hear from you.
A crime fighting community sounds awesome, what sort of things do people come to your community for, what sort of value do they get and what do they share? (That was a lot of questions in one sentence, apologies!)

Me too! I imagine there’s quite a few of us here that work within a team of one. Do you find you get the support you need from the business leaders and the business in general?

I look forward to hearing your journey.

(Kirk Irons) #322

Hi, y’all! I really enjoy this site & I am just here to learn.

(Sarah Hawk) #323

Hey Kirk, welcome. How does community fit into your world?