Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Ditte Mathiasen) #284

You are always welcome to write to me :wink: And I will do my best to give you an answer!

(Nick Emmett) #285

YAY! Welcome @phil and congrats on the new role![quote=“phil, post:281, topic:2430”]
My interest in communities dates back to the late 1990s/early 2000s, which were spent glued to Warhammer message boards and Yahoo Groups, setting up phpBBs and MediaWikis,

It’s funny how a lot of people got interested in communities in this way - for me it was less about video games and more about a fairly niche activity I was involved in called drum corps, but the same sort of things applied in terms of message boards, yahoo groups and phpBBs especially!

Looking forward to seeing more of you and your thoughts etc in here )

(Nick Emmett) #286

Welcome Time @innerquest - great to hear from you and welcome to the group.
A great story and I remember my mum, who was a teacher, getting a laptop through her school for a similar thing, poor thing was like a lost rabbit![quote=“innerquest, post:282, topic:2430”]
You have to understand, up to that point, teachers were never in contact with anyone outside their own geographical area! We started swapping ideas and information and started to realise the inconsistencies in our various regions and began to hold our overlords to account!

This totally shows the power and value that exists TODAY in communities - such a great example of connecting and learning from people.[quote=“innerquest, post:282, topic:2430”]
I’m addicted to the magic that happens when you put people together and know that folks out there have really interesting experiences and knowledge to share.

This is awesome… me too… and totally why I do the job!

Looking forward to hearing more from you in here!

(Jessie Schutz) #287

Hey everybody!

I’m Jessie, and I’m the Community Support Manager at Zendesk. I’ve been here a little over 2.5 years, and I’ve been in my community role full time for about 2 years. This is my very first community role ever - I hadn’t even considered the possibility of going this direction until the Director of Advocacy said, “HEY GUESS WHAT!”; it worked out well, though, because I have found a career path and I LOVE it!

Tangentially, that’s why I’m here. I’m constantly trying to soak up as much information about community management as I possibly can.

I’m currently working on putting together our very first official, documented community strategy! So that’s exciting. I also just found out that I got headcount, so I’ll hopefully be hiring somebody to help me out very soon! What a time to be alive!

My biggest challenges mainly revolve around bolstering engagement and making sure that the appropriate teams are involved in the community to ensure a good customer experience. That’s going to be a big part of the strategy going forward.

I look forward to getting to know everyone! Happy Monday!

(Sarah Hawk) #288

Great to hear from you Jessie.

This is excellent. Do you have a framework?

(Jessie Schutz) #289

I do! I recently completed the CMX Fundamentals of Community Strategy course (excellent course, btw), which was extremely helpful, and outlined a good framework to get me started.

(Sarah Hawk) #290

Awesome. If you want to bounce anything around, feel free to start a new topic. I enjoy strategy.

(Jake McKee) #291


My name is Jake McKee - I’ve been doing online community work in some form for many years. I just realized I wasn’t signed up here so I am working on remedying that! :slight_smile:

A very brief bit of background:

  • I helped to establish the LEGO community efforts, and had a Wired cover story about our community engagement work with the new LEGO Mindstorms product line.

  • Co-founded Ant’s Eye View, a social strategy firm and sold to PwC.

  • Ran Apple’s Global Support Community

  • Was lucky enough to have Doc Searls and team ask me to put the afterword in the 20th anniversary re-issue of the Cluetrain Manifesto, telling the story of how we used Cluetrain to drive our work at LEGO.

  • Recently established Community5, a new consultancy focused on online community and fan engagement strategy, assessment, and support. Basically, I’m helping mid and large size companies improve their community strategy and operations. Fun times!

I’m a community nerd going way back. (Some may remember my blog

I’m looking forward to the conversation!


(Sarah Hawk) #292

That brief background is pretty impressive!
Glad to have you on board Jake, I imagine your experience will come in really handy around here.

Are you a full time consultant these days or do you still get your hands dirty?

(Shreyas) #293

Welcome, @jake_mckee :slight_smile:. I learned about LEGO’s story couple of years back. Not sure if a lot of people know that LEGO sprang back up from the verge of bankruptcy to become a fast-growing & profitable company. More about that here in case you’re interested.

(Nick Emmett) #294

Had my head proverbially inserted recently so missed some of these - welcome to @madtownjessie,

This is great - it’d be great to hear the journey you take with this and what your experience is in putting this together, and how!

@jake_mckee - what a great resume you have there, some great Community experiences, I look forward to hearing some of that come out in conversation. [quote=“jake_mckee, post:291, topic:2430”]
I helped to establish the LEGO community efforts, and had a Wired cover story about our community engagement work with the new LEGO Mindstorms product line.

Awesome! Do you have a link to the article?

(Jake McKee) #295

Check out the Wired article here:

Fun stuff!

(nikki castellanos) #296

Hi Jake,

I’m interested in your work with Community5, do you have any case studies? I’m in the process of specking a new community space and I’d like to see where other B2C organizations have found success.



(Jake McKee) #297

I’m intrigued! I’ll drop you a note and we can discuss!

(Ouattara Sitafa) #298

Good day to All,

My name is Ouattara Sitafa; I am from Ivory Coast (West
Africa). I am a Telecom Engineer working in Nigeria (West Africa). As I would
like to reorient my career, I have just completed my Master in Business
Administration (MBA), and now I would like to become a community manager. I
would like to become a community Manager because I would like to join any
company as a specialist in Web Marketing. For now, I am not managing any
community I am just a novice, and I hope to benefit from all.

Thanks and Regards.

(Nick Emmett) #299

Hi @ouattara, welcome to the Community here at Feverbee experts, it’s great to hear from you.

What is it that draws you to want to become a Community Manager? Are you a member of any other communities?

You’ve come to the right place - there’s a TON of knowledge and experience within the membership of this community - don’t be afraid to jump in with any questions you have!

(Ouattara Sitafa) #300

Thank you Nick

(Katelyn MacKenzie) #301

Hello Everyone!

My name is Katelyn MacKenzie. I have been doing some form or another of Community Management for the last 3 years here in Orlando, Florida. I currently work as the Community Manager for Purple, Rock, Scissors here in Orlando. I help with getting them back involved with the local community, organize a signature event called PRPL Academy which I am building a community around. Along with being on the board for Orlando Tech Association.

Most of my background is in creating offline communities here locally.

  • I started in Community by stumbling into a Coworking space that needed a new community director.

  • My largest community experience was creating 4 development (CS) meetups a month on a side of Orlando that was not considered the “Tech Hub” of Orlando. I was known for the first one to do livestream and have them saved on youtube for dev meetups along with the largest JavaScript meetup in Orlando (over 800 members and 70 people attending each month). I helped developers become comfortable talking with others and about their passions. It was the most rewarding!

  • I then went on to help run the Orlando Developer community in which we have hosted large hack nights, a special Orlando Dev Meetup while supporting other meetups in Orlando. That slack channel is now over 1000 members! So managing that slack channel is where some of my experience is online communities.

My downfalls with Orlando is that companies here are either super start up or too corporate to understand community management. So I have had to create my position everywhere I go and learn as I go. I sadly have never used any forum platforms like Discourse within my communities. All have been with Facebook, Meetup, LinkedIn and Slack
I am very thankful for stumbling across a slack group for community leaders along with @HAWK telling me that I should join here! Also I have a background in Architecture as well :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #302

And I’m glad you did. Welcome on board. It’s always interesting hearing from people with a strong background in offline community.

Any current challenges that we can help with?

(Nick Emmett) #303

Yo! Welcome @katelynrae, great to have you here! I love that you’re established in building offline community, and I especially loved your connection to your local communities - I often use that as my metaphor when talking about communities with the “uneducated”!

It’d be great to hear your thoughts on where the crossovers are, the similarities in building.[quote=“katelynrae, post:301, topic:2430”]
I sadly have never used any forum platforms like Discourse within my communities. All have been with Facebook, Meetup, LinkedIn and Slack

No need to be sad - us whatever works for the situation - the thing is community, people. I’m not convinced the venue is that important, as long as there is a venue.