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(Nick Emmett) #264

Hey @Ditte welcome to Feverbee Experts, it’s great to hear from you. What does being a student helper entail for you? Which areas of Community Management are you getting involved in? Any specific challenges you’ve noted in your time there? Feel free to throw any questions out to the community here, there’s a w i i i i i i i d e range of knowldge and experience in here, do your best to utilise it. And don’t be shy.

(Ikenna Ojukwu) #265


(Sarah Hawk) #266

Hi @Ikenna_Ojukwu – so you’re here to learn more about Discourse?

You’ll find the relevant Discourse topics here – feel free to ask further questions and to dig around the platform here.

To be honest, you’ll probably get more value from joining the Discourse community as our focus here is on the science behind building communities more than the specifics of the platforms themselves.

(Jess Burnham) #267

Do you currently manage a community? Tell us about it.

I do! I help manage Unbounce’s online community which gives our customers a place to share their experiences using our platform (Unbounce allows our users to build high converting landing pages). I love it. Our Community is supported by both Unbounce folks and our customers. More often than not, it’s our customers answering other customers questions – which is so wonderful to see.

I’m so stoked to chime in here! In the short amount of time that I’ve scrolled through, there’s already so many gold nuggets!

Nice to e-meet you all, let’s talk COMMUNITY! :heart_eyes:
(… Or beer, I love that too.)

(Sarah Hawk) #268

You’re in good company. I also love beer.

And community, for that matter.

(Allison Jones) #269

Hi All - I just stumbled upon this community while listening to this podcast:

I run advocacy marketing at Cengage, an education and technology company. We are launching (soft launch) our first scaled community next week! It’s for Higher Education educators and we’re using Lithium as or community platform. I’m simply here to learn from all those who came before me! :slight_smile:

If I can be of service to anyone here, let me know. You can learn more about my background on LinkedIn:

Thanks and Happy Friday!

(Sarah Hawk) #270

Hi Allison,
Glad you found us. :slight_smile:

Good luck with you launch. What is the community concept? Is it support for learners?

(Nick Emmett) #271

Yay! I love when that happens - hopefully you’ll find it to have been a valuable stumble!

This is awesome - what an exciting time for you - I hope to hear all about the launch goes along with the rest of your journey. What sort of value are you hoping members will get from being a member of your community - what’s your Why?

It’s great to have you here, feel free to ask any questions you have along the way and I know I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say we’d LOVE to hear more about your journey as it progresses :slight_smile:

(Lucie Pinto) #272

Hi Everyone,

My name is Lucie and I am the Community & Quality Assurance Manager at ExamSoft. Our Company has a secure exam software that students use to take their exams and a platform for faculty members to build their exams. I was our Community manager about 2 years ago, moved into a different role and then was requested to come back and manage our Community.

We have about 2000 members which is little compared to our 40,000+users. One of my year end goals is to mass invite all of our Users to our Community. Another project I’m working on is bringing in our Listservs into our Community for private conversations to hopefully get Users move involved in the Community.

One of the issues I would like to tackle is people asking questions that have already been asked in our community. People post before searching which can be quite frustrating. I just signed up for the Community Management Course and I am excited to get started! I’m interested to learn how to get Users more engaged in our Community. I don’t have a marketing background so I’m excited to learn from you all.

How do you make people search before asking a question?
(Sarah Hawk) #273

Welcome Lucie.

That must be a nice affirmation of your skills. :slight_smile:

I’m going to split your search-before-you-post challenge into a new topic to brainstorm.

Make sure you’re persuasive. Actually, I’d be keen to hear @richard_millington’s thoughts on this.

Here are another couple of relevant articles:
The Convincing Illusion
Why They Didn’t Participate When They Said They Would

(Nick Emmett) #274

Hey @lpinto - welcome to Feverbee Experts, it’s great to hear from you[quote=“lpinto, post:272, topic:2430”]
One of the issues I would like to tackle is people asking questions that have already been asked in our community. People post before searching which can be quite frustrating

This is really interesting and something that I’m sure plenty of people here suffer from in their communities. How are you thinking of approaching it so far? I wonder how others here deal with it - perhaps you could start a new thread?[quote=“lpinto, post:272, topic:2430”]
I don’t have a marketing background so I’m excited to learn from you all.

Also interesting! Me neither - is that something you’d expect community professionals to have?

Feel free to get stuck in with any questions you have, there’s some really awesome knowledge and experience in this group. Don’t be shy!

(Lucie Pinto) #275

Hi @Nick_Emmett,

I think people ask questions before searching because they like immediate gratification. I’m not sure if they realize they may not get it. I think the same people that call us and ask the same questions all the time are probably the same people that post before searching.

In regards to the marketing background… When I look about Community Managers resumes often times they have a background or degree in Marketing. I have a degree in Film & Television but I have worked at a Software company for 4 years.

(Sarah Hawk) #276

I already did that. :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. I suspect it has something to do with the lack of specifically defined career path into community, so people tend to find there way here from other digital spaces, marketing being a big one. FWIW I have an architecture degree and 0 marketing experience.

(Tim Buick) #277

Hi all. I’m Tim Buick, founder of StreetPin. I’m obsessed with micro communities and particularly the High Street arena. Just saying hi for now. I’ve joined following Richard’s awesome article about community RoI. Hope to chat soon…

(Todd Nilson) #278

Welcome @tim_buick and glad you like Richard’s ROI piece.

StreetPin looks like a very interesting idea! High Street was a bit of a new term for me, so I had to scurry over to Google and Wikipedia for a quick idea of what that meant. So, in your community bulletin board concept, will you be enabling conversation with those who post? That would be a significant advancement and improvement over the physical bulletin board that I see frequently in my neighborhood…

(Tim Buick) #279

Hi Todd, yes, that’s it in a nutshell, but we have a load of other tools to assist online/offline community generation/value. We’re about a month away from our pilot launch - whether it’s called a High Street, Shopping Street (China) or Main Street - the ethos is roughly the same - enabling before/during/after community interaction on a hyper local basis :slight_smile:

(Ditte Mathiasen) #280

No not so much, more about strategies and how people use social media.

(Phil Betts) #281

Hi all, I’m a new consultant at FeverBee, first day on the job. I thought I’d take the opportunity to say hello and introduce myself! :wave:

I’ve joined FeverBee having most recently worked at the SEO & digital marketing agency Distilled, and am currently also waltzing* my way through the tail end of a PhD in organizational identity.

My background contains a fairly diverse mix of digital marketing, creative production, academic research and general tech nerdery. My interest in communities dates back to the late 1990s/early 2000s, which were spent glued to Warhammer message boards and Yahoo Groups, setting up phpBBs and MediaWikis, and in 2001 flying across Australia to stay with friends I’d met online (back when Sandra Bullock’s The Net was a cautionary lesson against that sort of thing.)

Like Hawk I’m Antipodean, from Sydney but transplanted to London. In a twist on an old classic I actually moved to the UK for the weather. :heart: :umbrella:

My research began in boring cinema studies looking at movies, but shifted over to the much more exciting organizational side when I found the production context of a body of films more interesting than the films themselves. Now I look at the evolution of the film studio Fox Searchlight Pictures, using identity and narrative to examine the shifting meanings associated with the company, mapped against its actions and evolving industrial-cultural context. I examine the mechanics that underpin organizational action and change, looking at the interplay between concepts like leadership, culture, sensemaking, institutionalism, image and reputation.

Who needs car chases when you’ve got neo-institutionalism!?

I’ve also worked for Macquarie University’s Learning & Teaching support unit, working across various ed tech projects while teaching in Media & Communications.

That’s probably enough for now, though I’d be happy to pick up the conversation and wax lyrically about High Elven armies via messaging. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all, and sharing insights (and recipes, from the looks of one topic!)


*definite artistic license. Waltzing through the tail end of a thesis involves tripping, stepping on toes, the kicking of shins (self), and expletives yelled into the unforgiving night

(Tim McShane) #282

Hi all, I became convinced of the power of communities when, as part of a UK gov initiative to give laptops to teachers in 1998, I became part of an email group of about three hundred teachers called Bectans.

You have to understand, up to that point, teachers were never in contact with anyone outside their own geographical area! We started swapping ideas and information and started to realise the inconsistencies in our various regions and began to hold our overlords to account!

Fast forward a couple of decades through outraged teacher volunteering with Cyberangels and WiredSafety in IRC communities, BBS helping folks and running classes/comms to keep peeps safe, then working at England’s National College for School Leadership where we ran a community of 100k plus school leaders; to now working freelance with various folks as an online facilitator, trainer etc.

I’m addicted to the magic that happens when you put people together and know that folks out there have really interesting experiences and knowledge to share. Hence I’m here!

(Sarah Hawk) #283

Brilliant. You’re going on my list of people to call in when someone has a social media question. :wink:

Good to hear from you @phil – I’m glad I won’t have to carry the brunt of the accent jokes in team meetings alone any more.

I love your story. It must have been an amazing time to be a teacher back in the 90s. Welcome on board.