Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


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It’s not awful at all, and it’s fantastic that you’ve decided to join in. Welcome.[quote=“Kaeli37, post:242, topic:2430”]
and hints and tips on exercise motivation for those of us that work from home!

Excellent! Join us in our BEEACTIVE challenge.

If you have any other pertinent questions, please feel free to start a new topic.

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Hey @Kaeli37 - welcome to the community here, it’s great to hear from you.

This sounds like a great time to become active here, be sure to throw ANY questions you have out to the group, there’s some awesome knowledge at all levels of experience in here so don’t be shy.[quote=“Kaeli37, post:242, topic:2430”]
Hello, I have been lurking for a while (sorry, I know that’s awful!) and wanted to join up so I could join in!

No need to apologise for lurking! As long as you were learning whilst there it’s all good and look - you made it through and jumped in now, there’s no going back :slight_smile:

(Delfin Vassallo) #245

Hi everyone

I just arrived here almost by chance, thanks to @Ernesto_Izquierdo, nice place altogether.

I’m Delfin and have worked for a number of years leading Social Customer Service for few global brands including Barclays, Nokia, and Microsoft. Covering different social media channels from the mandatory Facebook and Twitter to country-specific social venues like VKontakte, Sina Weibo, Baidu, and Tencent Weibo; as well as owned communities, I used to have 10 Community Managers + 120 moderators working on 27+ languages.

Looking forward to meeting you all here on FeverBee and learning from all of you!

(Sarah Hawk) #246

Welcome @Delfin_Vassallo – it’s great to hear from you.

Have you managed multi-lingual communities, or do they tend to be one language per community? I imagine the former would raise interesting challenges.

I wonder if you have any insights that you could share with Alexandra in this topic: Strategies to correct users’ mistakes in a language learners community

(Gavin Arthur) #247

As you can see - i have been a bit absent - working on several aspects of patient support for my organization which is national health related NGO. I am back now trying to figure out how best to develop our approach to online peer to peer. I would say my current challenges are ones of selecting the best platform(s) and approach to support across a large range of disease states and defining at what level to establish individual “recovery” focused support communities. Another challenge is coming up with a job description for a community manager - don’t suppose anyone has any key things to look for or would be willing to share any templates or point me to any good information on this? This is a new realm for me and my org so any advice on how/where to recruit for help would be great.

Examples of CM job descriptions
(Sarah Hawk) #248

Good to hear from you Gavin.

We have a large number of practitioners here that work in health communities, so if you want to dig deeper into the specifics of the first (platform-related/peer-to-peer) challenge, consolidate your thinking and start a new topic and I’ll tag some people in.

I’ve split out your job desc topic into one of its own because that will have wide appeal. I’ll see what I can dig up for you there now.

(Gavin Arthur) #249

Thank you Sarah
Very much appreciated and I look forward to having more time now to contribute to the forums as I go.

(Sarah Hawk) #250


I’m just pulling together some stuff on job descriptions now. Will get that up asap.

(Dean Greenway) #251

Hi Sarah, Feverbee team and everyone else.

Just wanted to introduce myself; my name is Dean, I’m a consultant for a courier company. I mainly work across two telephone account managers portfolio’s, engaging with clients to assess their internal business needs and establish what i can offer to improve their current solutions. Currently also working on key account performance analysis, which keeps me nice and busy! Got to love the numbers!

(Nick Emmett) #252

Hey @DeanG, welcome to the community here at Feverbee, it’s great to hear from you.

What sort of touch points do you have with Community in your role? Does your organisation utilise Community? I’m not sure I’ve seen it in the courier industry, externally at least. It would be great to hear more of your story.

Is there anything specific that’s challenging you currently? Perhaps the community here can help?
Feel free to shout up with any questions, regardless of how you think they sound, there’s lots of knowledge in here across a wide degree of experience levels so no need to be shy :slight_smile:

(Dean Greenway) #253

Hi Nick_Emmett, thank you for your reply, you are correct, community interaction does not really exist within the courier industry, we (The DX) are however split over two customer bases, we have courier, but we also run a private subscription based mail network, predominantly for the legal sector. This is where I feel there is an opportunity to introduce a community based platform.

(Shreyas) #254

Hello wonderful people,

Just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully get to know you all better soon. My name is Shreyas. I’m a Computer Science engineer who chose to become a community manager. Currently based out of Bangalore, India. I have been a full-time community manager for 2 years now and have been building communities as a volunteer for over 4-5 years now. Super interested in developer communities and love teaching digital literacy skills to the youth when I’m not doing my day job. I also contribute Mozilla and a couple of other open source tech communities.
When I’m not working, I try the best dishes/beer from cafes and restaurants in the city and hone my skills as a mobile photographer. :slight_smile:

(Shreyas) #256

Hey @Schuamy, wish I’d known you 2 weeks ago. Not sure if you know, but the Mozilla Foundation organizes an event called the Mozilla Festival every year at Ravensbourne. They had a call for proposal for youth-led sessions. Since you’re working with students, this might be an interesting opportunity- not to forget, an amazing opportunity to network. :slight_smile:

(Nick Emmett) #257

Got it @DeanG - sounds like an exciting opportunity - jhave you done any work around researching the opportunity, to establish if there’s a “need” for such a community? i.e. what sort of value people would like to receive and share? Are there in fact any other communities out there that do similar things? It’d be great for us to follow your journey here and help in any way we can through this Community.

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Hey @dun3buggi3 and @Schuamy - welcome to the Feverbee community - it’s great to hear from you, glad you jumped in and talked to us :slight_smile:

@dun3buggi3 - are you working within a community(s) right now? Or just contributing and adding value across a few? [quote=“dun3buggi3, post:254, topic:2430”]
I’m a Computer Science engineer who chose to become a community manager.

what made you decide to follow that path?

@Schuamy we have a few other members here in the education sector that would definitely be worth connecting with, let me get those and add them in here for you

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what sort of specific challenges are you working on at the minute? Feel free to shout up with anything we might be able to help with here in the community - there’s a ton of knowledge and experience at all levels so don’t be shy. Even it’s just sounding an idea out.

(Shreyas) #259

Hi @Nick_Emmett, here’s a bit about my journey. [quote=“Nick_Emmett, post:258, topic:2430”]
what made you decide to follow that path?

I chose to become a Community manager after getting involved with the Community Building team at Mozilla and specifically took that decision after attending an my first Mozilla All-hands. :slight_smile:

(Anne Bercilla) #260

Welcome @Schuamy and @dun3buggi3! :smiley:

(Shreyas) #261

Thanks @aberc :grinning:

(Ditte Mathiasen) #262

Hi, my name is Ditte. I work as a student helper at Schneider Electric on the community management team. Beside that i’m studying a master in web communication and interaction design on university of southern denmark. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #263

Welcome Ditte, glad you’re here.

That sounds interesting. Is there a psychology focus?