Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Sarah Hawk) #223

Yes! Let’s take this discussion up in this topic, which is along the same lines: Converting newcomers to regulars.

(Jay Pfaffman) #224

Welcome, @Needhelp2! If you choose Discourse and need someone to write an importer to move your data from your old forum to your new Discourse instance, I can help.

(Jay Pfaffman) #225

I suspect that’s because they haven’t used modern forum software. Also, modern forums like this one will send email to those who haven’t visited the site, so it gives you the best of both worlds.

(Josh Wolf) #226

We’re working with GoalGorilla on their Open Social platform. The development timeline got pushed up so now we’re sitting with a beta platform and no engagement strategy - to be developed!

(Josh Wolf) #227

Hi Nick, thanks for the welcome!

Ideally our platform will support local groups engaging with our educational programs around the world, and connect these groups with each other to generate new possibilities for conversation and support.

Currently, the local communities host workshops based on these programs and develop events and activities based on local interests and opportunities. We’re hoping that an online community will help them share and develop ideas with each other on a local level and also support and inspire each other over farther distances.

Does that sound like something others have experience with?

(Sarah Hawk) #228

Most people have to wait forever for their platform, so you’re in an enviable position.

If you need any support with the engagement strategy, feel free to start a new discussion.

(Josh Wolf) #229

Great, I like that framing! It is nice to be our own bottleneck rather than to be waiting on something externally. I’ll start a discussion to see what I can learn from the community about engagement strategies!

(Nick Emmett) #230

Sounds great @doctorj - the related experience I have is launching an internal community at a previous employer which we started to do originally to support offline events and activity that were happening around culture change and company improvements… this eventually developed in to a full blown internal community project looking to help teams work together better, break down silos, support learning and just bring people across what was a large organisation, closer together.

(dtdotme) #231

Hi everyone, I’m Dan Thomas, an award winning Enterprise Community Manager for Lloyds Banking Group, the largest bank in the UK. We have 90,000 colleagues in total and are going through an exciting collaborative journey right now to bring new ways of working to our business through social.

We’re using Jive to achieve that and recently won their Digital Hub award for our groundbreaking approach to building a collaborative business.

You can find out more about how our community via Jive’s website where I’m currently featuring on a couple of videos on our approach, how we’re building a knowledge network and engaging employees -

I also specialise in user experience design which I use to build and support our benchmark beating communities, endorsed by guru Jay Shetty and benchmarking experts the Digital Workplace group here in the UK.

You can find me on Twitter at Looking forward to meeting you all, seeing what you’re up to comparing notes and helping out! :slight_smile:

(Nick Emmett) #232

Hey @dtdotme, welcome to the community here at Feverbee, it’s great to hear from you.[quote=“dtdotme, post:231, topic:2430”]
We’re using Jive to achieve that and recently won their Digital Hub award for our groundbreaking approach to building a collaborative business.

This sounds great, I’d love to hear more about the approach that you guys are using. Having watched your video I can see you talk about Working Out Loud and Knowledge Sharing, which is great - what sort of context are people doing this in?
I used to work at a large UK insurer, implementing Yammer to do exactly this and know how hard it is to get that culture change at a financial organisation so great job.

How many of your 90K employees are on the platform and using it at the minute and what sort of unique challenges does that bring?

Feel free to shout out with any questions you have and challenges your facing, but also looking forward to getting your input on some of the conversations taking place here.

Giving the best first impression (through email) after members sign up
(Sarah Hawk) #233

Hey @dtdotme – welcome.

I’m super interested in hearing more about this.

(Lee Lee) #234

@Jay_Pfaffman THANKS Jay ! Yes I think I will need help in that respect. I am checking out Discoursehosting’s services right now, once I have my forum set up with Discoursehosting, I will need to find a way to import some data from my existing forum to the new Discourse platform.

What is the best way to get in touch with you ?

(Lee Lee) #235

@HAWK I am managing a hair transplant community at, the platform is based on a little known open source script from Mylittleforum , I believe it is one of the very few forum platforms that still allows users to alternate between THREADED view and BOARD view. Anyway, we have been using this platform for almost 10 years now and the time has come for us to upgrade.

(Robert McIntosh) #236

Gotta get that first post under my belt (at least on this site).

Hi from a wine drinker and fancier (hey, if its OK to be a pigeon fancier, it must be OK to fancy wine, right?)

I’ve been involved in wine communities, and before that in many business-to-business communities since the dawn of the WorldWineWeb, and now I’m spreading my wings a little, though not too much, with some work on some client sites.

I ‘met’ @HAWK in another place (from the US - not sure about tagging rules here yet) so thought I would pop in and check out a UK based source of ideas and support.

Hello all! And cheers! (search thirstforwine and you’ll find me everywhere if you fancy a conversation)


(dtdotme) #237

Hi Hawk, sure! We’re using jive software to enable better collaboration across our group. We’re bringing our new members on board via use cases, where teams are asked to identify better ways of working and demonstrate how they can collaborate more effectively through the tool. At the heart of the transformation is behavioural change and we have a framework for her or that change will happen amongst our colleagues. It’s the framework and our approach to use cases at one of the jive award-I’m the enterprise community manager, so I look after our community, training, strategies, measurement and our on boarding process.

(Sarah Hawk) #238

I am unquestionably a wine-fancier!
Welcome @thirstforwine – thanks for jumping right in.

What’s your community story? Did you start as a member in a wine community and end up managing it?

Interesting. Is it an internal community for dispersed Lloyds staff?

(Robert McIntosh) #239

My community story begins in 1994 when I joined an international B2B exhibition organiser and publisher. By around 1996 I was working with the CEO as a “project assistant” and playing with this new “world wide web” thing that could only be accessed (after work hours) on his exclusive 14.4bps modem on his desk.

The idea was to start to figure how to move the concept of industry-specific exhibitions and publications (read ‘marketplaces’) onto the Web. I worked on projects in this area from 1996 to 2003. I then left that world to learn about wine.

Then over time I merged the two by launching an international conference for fellow wine bloggers and building a community around that. We ran our company for 9 years with a ‘roving’ exhibition variously in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland and Bulgaria with a few thousand community members overall, and conferences attracting 350 or so participants. But after that many years we’d reached the end of that road and I needed a new challenge.

I’m now working on a project to build an online community space for a wine retailer in the UK, and the opportunity is fairly unique so looking forward to it immensely but also struggling to find completely relevant materials, hence the research that brought me to CMX and to FeverBee.

I’m hoping to pick up pointers, contacts and willing samplers along the way :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #240

What kind of thing do you need?


(Epic story, by the way!)

(Robert McIntosh) #241

This is a slightly unusual model - a co-operative where all ‘members’ are shareholders already, and we want to add further community tools on top of that. There is no need to ‘recruit’ members (there are hundreds of thousands already) but in order to be fair to all existing members, it can’t really be launched as a niche service, so the question is on how to focus and how to select an appropriate platform.

(Kaeli37) #242

Hello, I have been lurking for a while (sorry, I know that’s awful!) and wanted to join up so I could join in!

I run my own business helping organisations to work out what they want to achieve and then get it done! I work with marketing agencies who need more business, charities who need to raise awareness or get more donors, businesses that have fab products but don’t know how to get them out there…you get the picture.

I have found more and more recently that community building is the crux of all of this - marketing, sales, operations - and whilst I have followed Rich for years on twitter, I am finally focusing on learning more about how to leverage this.

So, look forward to gleaning a lot of useful stuff from everyone’s experiences - and hints and tips on exercise motivation for those of us that work from home!