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(Jess Williams) #182

Hey @Nick_Emmett, thanks for the warm welcome!

I was lucky enough to grow with the community (I started out by managing a sub community, and I was with the company long enough to help the main community double in size) so the challenges were mostly the same year after year, regardless of numbers. Sure, if an inflammatory topic cropped up it had more posts or would creep further into other topics, but I’ve seen that sort of thing become more of a problem in small tight-knit communities.

I think one of the most difficult challenges is change management. A large community has nooks and crannies to hit with announcements and you don’t have the luxury of spreading the word as easily. When you have a major platform change or new feature, it’s hard to reach everyone. Cue the influx of new questions/rants on the forum and new support tickets! We actually spent a bunch of time with the advisory board trying to match up our metrics with where the members truly wanted to see important announcements. Surprisingly, email notifications still won out! With all the ways to reach people these days, our community still wanted us to drop this kind of thing in their inbox.

Great! :slight_smile: And thanks, again.

Using user persona work, journey mapping, surveying and other methods to understand community
(Richard Millington) #183

We should really have a 1m+ member badge for people like you on here. Congrats.

(Emma Hedington) #184

Hi all, nice to ‘meet’ you! I am currently a Marketing Manager at Springer Nature, and I look after a series of online scientific journals and their associated online community sites. This is a new area of marketing for me, so I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning from your experience.


(Lai Nguyen Thanh) #185


I’m Thanh. I recently quit my job to start an online community. It is to help Vietnamese students and college grads to choose a relevant career, prepare skills for job market, and study abroad.

We already have a platform (in Vietnamese), but we found out that finding first 50 active members is very very hard, next to impossible. Since there are a lot of Facebook groups around various careers that already exist, we are thinking about getting members in these groups more active. Then when we already know how to run a community on Facebook, we will move members from these groups into our platform.

(Nick Emmett) #186

Hey @EmmaHedington, welcome to the community here, it’s great to hear from you. Your organisation sounds interesting, what sort of value are you hoping your members will get from your community and how do you see that sitting with your other online marketing efforts.

There’s heaps of great experience and knowledge in here, at all levels so please be sure to shout out if you have any questions whilst you’re here, regardless of how trivial they seem to you! We’re looking forward to learning from you also :slight_smile:

(Nick Emmett) #187

Hey @Lai_Nguyen_Thanh, welcome to the Community here at Feverbee, great to have you here - how did you find us? I’m always intrigued as to people’s pathway here.

It sounds like you have some quote specific challenges around attracting people from your target - are any of these Facebook groups controlled by you?

There’s been some good debate on here in recent months around the use of Facebook groups, it would be worth checking some of those out:

Using Facebook groups as a community hub
The Facebook groups conundrum
Facebook versus Forums

Also be sure to post any questions you have on your journey, no matter trivial they may seem to you.

(Courtney Calvin) #188

Hello, I’m Courtney and I work on a team providing knowledge management and organizational learning and development support for the US Agency for International Development (USAID). I help to manage a Drupal-based platform that hosts 25 or so online communities of practice covering a range of topics, as well as co-manage an internal community of practice for USAID that is focused on collaborating, learning, and adapting. We are trying to catalyze exchange across USAID missions around the world and create a community around organizational learning and development at the Agency to help improve how we provide development assistance to those in need. Follow our work on Twitter @usaidlearning.

(Nick Emmett) #189

Hey @Courtney_Calvin - welcome to the Community here at Feverbee, it’s great to hear from you. Sounds like quite a wide range of topics and diversity in members you have there - what sort of challenges would you say the 25 Communities of Practice and global reach bring you?

Is there anything specific you want to find out here, or just looking to connect? If you have any questions please feel free to post no matter how trivial you think it is - we have a wiiiiiide range of experience and knowledge in here so don’t be shy now!

(Finman) #190

Hi @lcraig ,

I am the community manager for a renewable energy focused community. I see we have similar interests. When you say power industry do you mean all types of power generation?

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@Finman @lcraig You should also connect with @tallyhee

(Jay Pfaffman) #195

I’m a recovering academic (I used to teach teachers how to use computers to make school suck less) who is now doing consulting with Discourse, the software that runs this forum. While what I’ve been doing is writing software to import data into Discourse, I have also been using Discourse as a learning management system (LMS). Most LMSs have forums tacked on as an afterthought, and they are usually pretty clunky. Since discussion and communication are a key part of learning, starting with a good tool for communication and adding on parts to deal with grades and whatnot makes a lot of sense to me. It’s worked out pretty well.

Now I have some cool courses developed (Applications for Education and Applications for Instructional Design), but no one to take them, since I’m no longer coercing people to participate.

Some days I fantasize about building communities of teachers who’ll help each other use computers to teach better, which, I think, is how I ended up here.

(Sarah Hawk) #196

This is interesting @Todd_Nilson

And welcome @Jay_Pfaffman – you’re working on some interesting things! Great to have you on board.

(Todd Nilson) #197

@Jay_Pfaffman, it’s always nice to meet another Recovering Academic. :slight_smile:

We connect our LMS (SchoolKeep) with Discourse by simply linking to one or more forums. How did you go about doing it? Always interested in new ideas!

(Nick Emmett) #198

haha, maybe you should start your own community - Academics Anonymous or something similar, like a support group!

(Jay Pfaffman) #199

I had read-only categories with challenges (aka “assignments”) in them, which students then replied-as-linked-topic and put their response in a category for their course. I created a set of badges based on tags and likes, which enabled me to write a script that would enter grades in to Sakai.

Here’s a syllabus:

(Sarah Hawk) #200

What about now that Reply as linked topic is no longer an option?

(Jay Pfaffman) #201

I was worried, but you click the link icon and then “new topic”. It turned out not to be a problem.

(Sarah Hawk) #202

Perfect! I hadn’t noticed that.