Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Sarah Hawk) #10

Hey @Mjbill Thanks for jumping in. :slight_smile:
The transition off a forum platform onto Facebook (as opposed to the other way around) is pretty fascinating! I’m going to split that out into a topic for discussion.

We have a few members that work in the gaming industry – ping @Andrej_Raider @Jeffrey_Otterspoor @Maisha_Andriessen

Hi also to @Travis and @irreverance – grateful, as always, for your participation. :slight_smile:

(Jeffrey Otterspoor) #11

Mark and I actually e-met before the SPRINT, but for mysterious reasons and presumably dark forces we haven’t gotten around talking to each other in London.

I’ll keep an eye out on your page Mark. Enlighten us when you’re launching a new game, would be nice to see how you deal with it.

(Nick Emmett) #12

Always great to see posts from new members, or perhaps members that have been quietly observing for a while! Welcome @Yannis_P_Triantafyll and @Travis , it’s great to hear from you. @Travis, have you migrated from one platform to another, is that what you mean? there’s a couple of threads around about that just now, it would be great to get any insight and advice on those, like this one, for example.

@Jeffrey_Otterspoor, great to see you in here, we actually sat and worked together for a couple of hours during the SPRINT workshops, hope things are going well for you guys.

For the record I’m Nick, I manage the community at FinancialForce, helping our customers build relationships, collaborate, get connected to people and information and try to just become awesome at what they do with our products. Been in the role officially for just over a year now and we’ve been steadily growing (just approaching 1K posts a month and closing in on 100 active customers per month). I wear two hats here, working as a Customer Success Manager alongside the Community role but I’ve just opened up the discussion about changing that. I’m finding that with the two hats to wear I have little time to be pro-active and think and act strategically, and I end up being more reactive than I’d like.

(Mark Baldwin) #13

Yeah, not sure how I managed to miss not talking to you @Jeffrey_Otterspoor but I did talk to 2 of your colleagues at SPRINT and enjoyed sharing gaming community stories. Will definitely let you know when we launch the next game.

(Jeffrey Otterspoor) #14

@Nick_Emmett :wave:
What is the description of a Customer Success Manager? I mean, what do you basically do in that role? : P

(Lisa Craig) #15

Hi everyone! Glad to meet you. I am the Marketing Manager and Community Manager for a community focused around the global power industry. We are in soft launch mode.

What are some of the best ways you’ve found to drive traffic to your communities and also get people to post the first couple of times?

Driving traffic to your community
(Sarah Hawk) #16

Hey Lisa, thanks for jumping in. :slight_smile:
I’ve split out your question into a separate topic so we can get specific without getting lost in the noise.

(Andrej Raider) #17

Hello there,

Just wanted to say Hi. As Sarah already mentioned, I´m working in the gaming industry with a team of 8 international CMs. I myself am quite new in the world of community management but I find it exciting to experience my work a bit as a playground where I can try out things and discover what works best and why.

Just like @lcraig I am especially interested in getting tips for engaging communities, especially when it comes to communities that are still in development stage and haven´t reached a “critical mass”, yet.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #18

Hi all! I’m Kristen Gastaldo.

I manage two product communities for Blackbaud, a tech company that creates software for nonprofits. I’ve been with BB for 4 years, where I launched our very first product community. I’m part of a larger team now, as we have 16 product communities, serving 20k+ members. Until Friday that is.

Next Monday I’ll be starting my next community adventure, working with Alfresco, a content mgmt tech company who will be overhauling and relaunching their community.

I currently live in Boston, but will be relocating to Boston at the beginning of May. Would love to join some local meet ups once there!

(Alessio Fattorini) #19

Wow, I know Alfresco, it’s a huge product :slight_smile:
Good luck with your new adventure!

(Kristen Gastaldo) #20

:sweat:Was looking for a “gets nervous face” but thought sweat might be a better attitude.

(Sarah Hawk) #21

Great to hear from you @Andrej_Raider – is it growth or engagement that you’re particularly interested in?

Congratulations @Kristen_Gastaldo – exciting!

(Bas van Leeuwen) #22

Sounds great @Kristen_Gastaldo! I’ve worked superficially with Alfresco (and its competitor Nexio) when I was working at Hippo CMS. Interesting product, hope you have an interesting audience as well :slight_smile:

(Bas van Leeuwen) #23

And also! As per the title instructions: Hi!

I’m Bas van Leeuwen (which btw translates to Bas of Lions :laughing: ), living in Amsterdam.

Currently working as a freelance community manager / marketing automation specialist and have also started a company to help community managers with their analytics.

I’ve been a bit absent lately, broke my collarbone, typing is a tad difficult

(Katherine Soroya) #24

Hi all. My name is Katherine and my official title at work is Communities Marketing Executive. I am working on a new initiative within my company which will create a space for digitally under-represented languages.

Through facilitating an online community for each language we hope to create a space where members of each site (which will be primarily in the local language) can discuss all things language related, contribute words to the local language dictionaries we are building, and share ideas with each other in forums.

It is a new experience for me, facilitating communities which are under-represented digitally, and in areas which have varied internet and digital access and use. I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience of this. We currently have four active sites (Northern Sotho, isiZulu, Urdu, and Malay) and we will have 10 unique communities in total by the end of 2016. Each site also has a social media channel attached to it.

I would love to hear if anyone has tips for engaging communities in such locations.

(Roisin Kirby) #25

Hey there!

I’ve just started as one of HubSpot’s community managers on Specifically, I look after all of HubSpot’s customers/users across both the Sales and Marketing products. I manage the customer forum answering product and marketing best practice queries. Looking ahead, I hope to work with our certified partners to create influencer groups for the HubSpot community.

Looking forward to meeting you all here on FeverBee and finding out as much as I can.

(Sarah Hawk) #26

Oh no! I wondered where you’d got to. Sorry to hear that and hope you have a speedy recovery.

Welcome @katherinesoroya – what an amazing project! How did you get involved? I know that @LindaSiegelSanJose works within migrant communities, which may hold some similarities. @Jeffrey_Otterspoor works with communities across different languages, but in a gaming environment, which changes things up a bit.

[quote=“roisinkirby, post:25, topic:2430”]
I manage the customer forum answering product and marketing best practice queries.
[/quote] Hey @roisinkirby – glad you joined us. I likely have as many questions for you as you do for us. I look forward to learning with you. :slight_smile:

(Carlos Castro) #27

Hi!! my name is Carlos Castro, I’m from Mexico, and I’m very exited about being part of this community!!!

Right now I’m not managing a community, but previously I did it. First, I worked for a Canadian foundation and during a year a was in charge of updating the website in Mexico posting news and other stufs and in the day to day working as a “community manager” for the foundation in Mexico.

After that I worked for the local government as an adviser (I’m a computer sciences engineer), and during that time I helped to create and manage a community of teacher with the goal of help them to earn a certification. It was a very succesful community because we helped more than 900 teacher to earn the certification, compare to 100 teacher who did it before the community started to work.

Right know I’m not working in community managment, I’m working as a professor at a university, but I hope to start again doing it soon.

Of course, I’m sure that I made hundreds of mistakes during my time as a community manager, but that why I’m here. :slight_smile:

(As you can see, English is not my native language, so if I write someting so wrong please tell me :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Sarah Hawk) #28

Hi @ccastro – welcome on board. I’m interested to hear how you found us.

[quote=“ccastro, post:27, topic:2430”]
Of course, I’m sure that I made hundreds of mistakes during my time as a community manager, but that why I’m here.[/quote] We all do. It’s part of the learning. :slight_smile:

Are you looking for a job in community, or thinking about doing it on the side as a hobby?

(Nick Emmett) #29

Hi @Jeffrey_Otterspoor - in my role as a Customer Success Manager (CSM) I have a portfolio of clients who I look after and try to help them be successful with our products. there are some real similarities and cross-overs with the Community world for me, in terms of relationship building, connecting people to information and other people. We also have a support model that manages a high volume of smaller customers through the Community and a team of CSMs rather than having a dedicated CSM per customer, which our larger customers would get.

I’ve been away for a week-ish and this thread has loads of new posts, great to hear from lots of new people - you’ve made that first step and posted here, don’t be afraid to jump in and create your own post with questions you have or challenges you’re facing. As is evident from this thread alone, the diversity in industry and experience in this group is immense - be sure to tap in to as much of it as you can.

@Bas_van_Leeuwen - the collarbone - ouch! hope you’re healing well!