Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Sarah Hawk) #134

Hey Talitha, and welcome. I echo what Nick says – we’re happy to help you dig into some of the engagement issues if that’s helpful. There are a lot of specialists in that area around here! Start a new topic so that we can get some details from you without them getting lost in the noise here.

(Sarah Hawk) #135

@KevinDwyer_Kd would be a good person to involve here, as well.

Potentially @Heather_Dawson as well.

(Gavin Arthur) #136

Hi there
I am involved in the not for profit world of patient support and we are getting into offering specific disease focused community development from the ground up. I am joining this community here on the recommendation of others. I have already found great information and insight here and hope to add my perspective as our work in this area evolves

(Sarah Hawk) #137

Fantastic! Welcome Gavin. We have a growing number of health related community professionals here, which is fantastic! Are you facing any current challenges?

cc @rebeccabraglio @MHCommMgr @colleenyoung @Robert_Pleticha (to name a few)

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #138

Hi, all!

Katie Paffhouse, here. This Chicagoan (IL, USA) is based in the Rogers Park neighborhood based in Chicago, IL USA.I spend my days working with the spectacular @Todd_Nilson for Hearing First. We are building two communities:

  1. A community of practice for professional ho support infants who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families
  2. A community of circumstance/supoprt for families.

Prior to HF, I worked as IFT’s Community Leader and helped moderate The Chainlink.

I look forward to interacting with you all online!

(Sarah Hawk) #139

Hi @Katie_Paffhouse_Buss , glad to have you on board. Todd is indeed a star. :slight_smile:
I look forward to learning more about your work.

If you have a minute, jump into this topic and tell us what you love about CM.

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #140

@HAWK - you are SPEEDY - what time is it in NZ?

(Sarah Hawk) #141

It’s 6:45am on Thursday and I’m two hours into my work day! (I work crazy hours because I’m a full-time mum as well as a full-time CM).

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #142

Well, good morn’ to you! I’m in the same boat -it’s nice to know someone with a fellow crazy schedule!

(Sarah Hawk) #143

I bet there are millions of us. I once had a great call with @jtcarboni about how we go about juggling work and life.

(Jeanne Carboni) #144

Well, thank you for the mention @Hawk! Thought I would chime in since I’ve been quiet for a while. I recently changed roles at SAP and very happy I did. My work life balance and stress level have drastically improved.

I’m still very active in communities, but now in internal communities to enable our Presales workforce (about 3000 employees). I’m running projects to deliver virtual events that consist of more than 240 courses per quarter.

There are still challenges, but I’m in a team where people respect each other and are willing to pitch in when there is more work than can be done by a single person or team.

The other thing is that my little girls are pretty much grown up (24, 18, 17) so they don’t need the same kind of attention that they once did.

My advice would be to make changes if you are unhappy in your situation. Life is too short. And enjoy your kids while they are little. Time really does fly as they are growing up.

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #145

That is certainly needed inspiration as I am contemplating picking up my kid early! SAP is fascinating - one of my first jobs was for the Americas SAP Users Group, so I can semi-appreciate the behemoth it can be!

(Nick Emmett) #146

Hey @garthur, great to hear from you and welcome to the community here.
So is your community currently more generically focused around patient support and you’re looking at into more specific support? What sort of people are your target membership right now? Are you having any challenges we could help you with here? Don’t be afraid to ask anything you have, even if it’s just throwing some ideas around :slight_smile: Everyone’s more than willing to pitch in and help where we can.

(Nick Emmett) #147

And we look forward to hearing your story and following your journey @Katie_Paffhouse_Buss.
What sort of challenges are you facing in launching two communities? And what sort of differences are you finding in working to get them both some traction?

(Sarah Hawk) #148

That’s wonderful news. I’m rapt for you.

(Rebecca Braglio) #149

Hello @garthur and welcome! I can say you are going to continue to find great information and insight here - and the group is truly welcoming. I recently joined a health-related community company and I’ll be interested in learning more from you!

(MHCommMgr) #150

Same from my end @garthur, I am working at a patient to patient communities site like @rebeccabraglio and hope to learn from everyone who is doing healthcare related work!

(nlouwrens) #151

Hi, I’m Nathaniel from Wellington, New Zealand.

I work with a couple of other people managing an online community for teachers.
I’m looking for ways to keep the community vibrant and have members contributing regularly and meaningfully.

Looking forward to learning from and with you all.


(Sarah Hawk) #152

Yay, a fellow kiwi! Welcome @nlouwrens – great to have you on board. We have quite a few other members that run education based communities. Feel free to start a new topic for more specific discussion. How established is the community?

(nlouwrens) #153

Thanks for the welcome @HAWK.
It’s a well established community been running now for I think about 5 years (I’ve only been involved from a management/facilitator role for 2 years).