Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Sarah Hawk) #112

Welcome Jen – I’m a lifelong allergy sufferer so you have my thanks and respect for the work you do!
We have quite a few CMs here from health related communities.

Are you facing any particular challenges at the moment that we could support you with?

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(Jen Blanford) #113

Our food allergy forums have been active for years. We recently launched an asthma forum. For some reason, we are having trouble getting people to post, reply etc. I know our community management team was looking into technical issues and other things. I think they are looking at bigger strategy-type things. That’s probably our biggest challenge.

(Sarah Hawk) #114

Ah yes, frustrating!
Happy to help you work through some potential reasons if you’re comfortable creating a new topic.

(Jen Blanford) #115

Honestly, at this point, this is somethingt the “higher ups” are working on. But…if we get down to discussing it again as a team, I may suggest that I could post here to get ideas. Thanks!

(Richard Millington) #116

Just to reiterate what @hawk said here, we would really love to take a look at it and give our opinions if you wouldn’t mind sharing the link.

(Anna Flessner) #117

Hi everyone, I’m glad to be joining this community - well at least officially with my first post and moving away from lurker status!

I’m working as the Community Manager at SimScale which is a cloud-based engineering simulation platform. Our Community is made up of:

  1. A library of Public Simulation Projects created by our users. These can be viewed, liked, commented on, copied, etc so the idea is to share simulation knowledge and learn from those in the community

  2. A forum (we use discourse) where users can ask questions, provide feedback, report bugs to our staff, etc.

I still consider myself quite a newbie in the Community realm (civil engineer by training) and can’t wait to learn more here!

Also, love this thread idea: Submit your community for a weekly breakdown. Added mine to the list!

(Nick Emmett) #118

Hey @aflessner, welcome to the Community here, it’s great to hear from you!

How is your Community going would you say right now?
What sort of challenges are you facing right now that we could look to help out with here?[quote=“aflessner, post:117, topic:2430”]
I still consider myself quite a newbie in the Community realm (civil engineer by training) and can’t wait to learn more here!

This is a great place for you as a newbie, there’s so much diversity in knowledge, experience and industry that you just can’t fail to learn here.
Looking forward to seeing your journey :slight_smile:

(Anna Flessner) #119

Hi @Nick_Emmett, thanks for the welcome!

Right now, we have a solid core group of users who are active (these are our ‘Power Users’). Some are more active with creating simulation projects, others in the forum. Growing the number of users who keep coming back is the focus (easier said than done as in this case there can be many factors that contribute here). Workshops seems to be really successful at driving engagement but it’s short lived.

Things I’m working on right now:

  • commenting on user projects, provided project support, encouraging users to ask their questions in the forum so everyone can learn
  • Tagging and bringing in users with specific expertise into project comments and forum threads
  • Creating a metrics dashboard

(Christy Ransom) #120

Hello everyone! My name is Christy and I work for a SaaS company in Vancouver, BC that provides a community platform for brands to manage online research communities. My role is to develop our Community Management program including member engagement & retention, and overall community health; deliver that to our Customer Success teams who then pass on the expertise to our customers. I’ve attended one Sprint in San Fran a few years ago and am interested in learning and sharing here with other experts!

(Sarah Hawk) #121

Wooohoooo! Love it when that happens. :slight_smile: Welcome.

These are both things that I’ve recently worked on (also on Discourse) so if you want to swap notes then I’m always keen. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #122

Hey Christy,

[quote=“christylr, post:120, topic:2430”]
provides a community platform for brands to manage online research communities
[/quote] Sounds interesting! Are you able to post a link?

Do you create individual strategies for your customers, or do you provide them with best practice recommendations so that they can do that side of things themselves?

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(Alexis Koplen) #124

Hi Everyone!

I’m Alexis, currently a Community Manager at 7Summits (just completing my first month in this role). I primarily work on Jive and Salesforce platforms, helping clients implement and grow their online communities. In my previous role, I was a Community Manager at Plantronics for 4 years. I am extremely interested in online social collaboration and how that can help grow a business both internally across employees as well as externally to customers. I love working with people and helping grow connections and collaborate. I am always eager to learn and happy to help others! I am based in Santa Cruz, CA, but travel to our 7Summits headquarters in Milwaukee, WI every so often, as well as travel to client sites.

I would love to learn what platforms other Community Managers most commonly use.


(Abrar Shahriar) #125

Hi all,
This is my first post to this community. I am an online marketer of Mountnow
Our blog is mainly focused on CRO, SEO and Content marketing. We produce insightful content almost daily. We have good number of audience (more than 700+) in our popular facebook group (Conversion rate optimization) where people can share their content as well as get some honest feedback.

Hope, I shall contribute to this community as well.
Best regards,

(Sarah Hawk) #126

Welcome @abrar39! We often have SEO questions so I’m really glad you’re here.
Do you have any thoughts on this topic?

(Brian Schildt) #127

Hi everybody - I am Brian, working with relations @privacore as CRO I am responsible for Community Leadership & Management - Privacore just started running a forum to let people discuss online privacy and make the world aware of Online tracking and how to control who is following your behaviour when you are online. - We also plan to support our products and service through the forum to support users of our products and. Previously I worked lot with Enterprise Social to support culture and leadership in enterprise forums.

The forum is running on

Hope to share my experience with you, and have a bunch of CM aficionados to discuss with.

(Nick Emmett) #128

Hey @brianschildt, welcome to the forum here, it’s great to hear from you.
Sounds like an interesting topic you have going on there at Privacore.

What brought to FeverBee Experts?
What’s your main focus at the moment and what sort of challenges are you working through that we might be able to help out with?

(Brian Schildt) #129

Hi @Nick_Emmett - At least we think it is important topic - but also a great challenge to build a Search engine from Europe!

I attended a webcast called Driving Member Engagement & Behavior Change Through Decision Design with Vanilla Forum and Feverbee a while ago, It had some interesting topics and it stuck with me, so now I am here to get a closer look.

As I wrote we are really doing it from scratch @privacore - but we like a challenge!

So I hope to have some learnings from other community managers experiences, a few tips and trick but most of all that participating here can help me prioritise the effort around Privacores community. And hopefully I can also bring some experiences to the table.

Overall traction, forum growth and user engagement are top of mind.

Hope that gave you an idea about what I am doing.

(Sarah Hawk) #130

I’m in agreement, esp as my kids get older and spend more time online.

Glad you’re here Brian, and thanks for jumping in and saying hi. I look forward to hearing more about your progress. If there is anything specific that you’d like to brainstorm, feel free to kick off a new topic at any time.

(Talitha Hlaka) #131

Hi Everyone,

My name is Talitha, i community manage a digital collaborative platform called Corruption Watch Connected. The platform aims at mobilising individuals around the world who are affected and moved to fight corruption, -we call them corruption fighters. The idea is for the corruption fighters to share ideas, share experiences and have discussions on combating corruption; expose and shame it we say. We have registered over 1,300 corruption fighters around the world, but it’s a struggle to get them to actually engage and collaborate. I’m looking forward to learn how to go about changing this. :smile:


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