Introduce yourself (or at least just say hi)


(Sarah Hawk) #1

Our community members are as diverse in skills and talents as they are in reasons for joining our community in the first place. We love to hear from everyone – even if you just say hi.

Do you currently manage a community? Tell us about it.

If you don’t, tell us about your interest in community.

If you’re not interested in community, tell us what you are interested in!

Getting people to make that first post
Getting people to make that first post
(Yannis P. Triantafyllou) #2

Hi Hawk & rest people! (Am i really the first to reply?)

I’m Yannis, managing a small team of 3 CMs down in Athens, Greece.

Yes, among other marketing stuff we do, we manage a feline lovers’ community on forum & facebook with some like 24K members on forum (on air since 2009, we took it over 2015, we’re assisted there by a small team of volunteers) and nearly 15K on FB (on air since 2015, 2 team members run daily action there), working to make it a real marketplace.

We’re also preparing now to re-launch a local community for millennials and we do lot of community strategy/management work as a service for 3rd parties.

Glad to be among you, though not so active in discussions !

(Sarah Hawk) #3

You are! It’s a brand new experimental introduction thread, and I’m really excited to hear from you.

This is interesting. Do you onboard members through the community and then market products to them? Or do they buy products and then join the community for support?

(Yannis P. Triantafyllou) #4

On “” (the feline community) we’re working on doing the first, mainly on new tools like FB. We’re testing currently some kind of “advertorials” (promoted posts curated to match the community language and style) and measuring with a couple of key accounts traffic to their FB and conversions…

(Sarah Hawk) #5

I’d love to hear your thoughts in this thread (and I’m sure @ForumSentinel would too!).

(Yannis P. Triantafyllou) #6

Yes! Sure! Will run through the thread and comment with thoughts & experience…

(Mark Baldwin) #7

Hi. My Name Is Mark Baldwin and I currently work freelance managing community/pr/customer support for New Star Games, a video game developer. I’ve worked in video games for nearly 20 years now, starting off with testing games (not as cool as it sounds) on to designing games (very cool) and producing games (not cool but really interesting) I moved into community management just over 5 years ago and I’ve worked with some big brands in the games industry.

When I took over the work at New Star Games, 3 years ago a lot of the community was fractured and it was hard work to keep the forum they had in check, so we decided to get rid of the traditional forum and move everything on to social media. This in my opinion has worked very well with this particular community as gamers are traditionally hard to please. :slight_smile:

The Facebook page for the main game we make “New Star Soccer” currently has just under 1.1 million likes and we have a few thousand followers on Twitter. I also got rid of the old website and worked on a new website in preparation for the future. This year will be very challenging as we are launching an additional 5 or 6 titles and the estimated workload is giving me palpitations as I’m currently the only one working on social media/community/pr and support work.

Having said all that, I really love my work and the masochist side of me is really looking forward to this year. My only hope is that at some point I can convince the powers that be to employ someone else to help me out.

Transitioning off a forum platform onto Facebook
(Travis King) #8

Heya! I My name is Travis King and I’m the Community Management Specialist at Envato.

We run several marketplaces and teaching sites for people in digital creative fields, and this job allows me to work with and meet passionate people from around the world :smiley:

We recently underwent a major community move to a new space with new forums, which was both exciting and terrifying.

I’m super happy to meet everyone and feed off your collective knowledge :smiley:

(Bo McGuffee) #9

I’m Bo McGuffee and I’m the Community Manager at FatWallet, an online shopping resource (or “deal site”). FatWallet is a place for people to go when they are looking for the best deals they can when shopping. Our forums have been in existence since 1999.

Very recently, my interest in community is expanding more into the social media sphere. While social media doesn’t fall into what I define as “community,” I do see it as a sort of front porch that is intimately related.

(Sarah Hawk) #10

Hey @Mjbill Thanks for jumping in. :slight_smile:
The transition off a forum platform onto Facebook (as opposed to the other way around) is pretty fascinating! I’m going to split that out into a topic for discussion.

We have a few members that work in the gaming industry – ping @Andrej_Raider @Jeffrey_Otterspoor @Maisha_Andriessen

Hi also to @Travis and @irreverance – grateful, as always, for your participation. :slight_smile:

(Jeffrey Otterspoor) #11

Mark and I actually e-met before the SPRINT, but for mysterious reasons and presumably dark forces we haven’t gotten around talking to each other in London.

I’ll keep an eye out on your page Mark. Enlighten us when you’re launching a new game, would be nice to see how you deal with it.

(Nick Emmett) #12

Always great to see posts from new members, or perhaps members that have been quietly observing for a while! Welcome @Yannis_P_Triantafyll and @Travis , it’s great to hear from you. @Travis, have you migrated from one platform to another, is that what you mean? there’s a couple of threads around about that just now, it would be great to get any insight and advice on those, like this one, for example.

@Jeffrey_Otterspoor, great to see you in here, we actually sat and worked together for a couple of hours during the SPRINT workshops, hope things are going well for you guys.

For the record I’m Nick, I manage the community at FinancialForce, helping our customers build relationships, collaborate, get connected to people and information and try to just become awesome at what they do with our products. Been in the role officially for just over a year now and we’ve been steadily growing (just approaching 1K posts a month and closing in on 100 active customers per month). I wear two hats here, working as a Customer Success Manager alongside the Community role but I’ve just opened up the discussion about changing that. I’m finding that with the two hats to wear I have little time to be pro-active and think and act strategically, and I end up being more reactive than I’d like.

(Mark Baldwin) #13

Yeah, not sure how I managed to miss not talking to you @Jeffrey_Otterspoor but I did talk to 2 of your colleagues at SPRINT and enjoyed sharing gaming community stories. Will definitely let you know when we launch the next game.

(Jeffrey Otterspoor) #14

@Nick_Emmett :wave:
What is the description of a Customer Success Manager? I mean, what do you basically do in that role? : P

(Lisa Craig) #15

Hi everyone! Glad to meet you. I am the Marketing Manager and Community Manager for a community focused around the global power industry. We are in soft launch mode.

What are some of the best ways you’ve found to drive traffic to your communities and also get people to post the first couple of times?

Driving traffic to your community
(Sarah Hawk) #16

Hey Lisa, thanks for jumping in. :slight_smile:
I’ve split out your question into a separate topic so we can get specific without getting lost in the noise.

(Andrej Raider) #17

Hello there,

Just wanted to say Hi. As Sarah already mentioned, I´m working in the gaming industry with a team of 8 international CMs. I myself am quite new in the world of community management but I find it exciting to experience my work a bit as a playground where I can try out things and discover what works best and why.

Just like @lcraig I am especially interested in getting tips for engaging communities, especially when it comes to communities that are still in development stage and haven´t reached a “critical mass”, yet.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #18

Hi all! I’m Kristen Gastaldo.

I manage two product communities for Blackbaud, a tech company that creates software for nonprofits. I’ve been with BB for 4 years, where I launched our very first product community. I’m part of a larger team now, as we have 16 product communities, serving 20k+ members. Until Friday that is.

Next Monday I’ll be starting my next community adventure, working with Alfresco, a content mgmt tech company who will be overhauling and relaunching their community.

I currently live in Boston, but will be relocating to Boston at the beginning of May. Would love to join some local meet ups once there!

(Alessio Fattorini) #19

Wow, I know Alfresco, it’s a huge product :slight_smile:
Good luck with your new adventure!

(Kristen Gastaldo) #20

:sweat:Was looking for a “gets nervous face” but thought sweat might be a better attitude.