Intro Video in Advanced Community Strategy

(Suzi Nelson) #1

Hey gang!

letting you know that the very first video in Advanced Community Strategy appears to have some trouble loading - I cleared cache/cookies and refreshed the page, but it will stops halfway through, sound & video cuts out. If it helps, I’m using Safari on my iPad :slight_smile:

(Suzi Nelson) #2

Oops, reaching out to schoolkeep. carry on!

(Sarah Hawk) #3

It sounds like part of a bigger issue because @MsCiaraB is also having trouble with video. I’ll talk to the people on our side too.

(Suzi Nelson) #4

Yeah i’ve come across a few videos now that are blank screens - but the sound is working fine! Thanks for looking into it.

(Jennifer Zowada) #5

Hi Suzi, can you Skype me? I want to try something to see if it works. It’s JennZowada

(Jennifer Zowada) #6

sorry jenzowada

(Suzi Nelson) #7

just added you as a contact!

(Suzi Nelson) #8

@Jennifer_Zowada - just checked on my deskstop (still using Safari) and the video worked perfectly. Must be a device issue.

(Jennifer Zowada) #9

yes, it’s definitely a device support issue as it stopped at the same spot when I played it on my iPad as well. We’ll work on getting it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

(Jennifer Zowada) #10

@MsCiaraB just curious if the issue you had is on a device as well?

(Ciara Beuster) #11

Hey @Jennifer_Zowada the issue I had was on my laptop. Tried it on my phone too but couldn’t get it there either. And tried a few different browsers… let me know if I can help troubleshoot further in any way. Thank you!

(Jennifer Zowada) #12

Thanks for the feedback and your help @MsCiaraB!