Interviewing potential audiences and recruiting founding members

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@HAWK This doesn’t have to do specifically w/ a welcome area in the community, but has some relevance.

I have a couple of questions, one about surveying and the other about interviewing. I’d like to get some baseline sentiments from the entire base of our current partners, prior to building the community for them. Then, i’ll also be doing interviews with a smaller group of folks from this same group who have been identified as highly engaged with us and in my mind will likely end up our founding members of the community.

Have you, or anyone else surveyed your potential community members and if so, do you have samples or ideas of the right kinds of questions to ask to get good baseline data?

As part of this of building a research plan, I’m not only creating survey questions, but drafts of questions I’d like to ask during those more pointed interviews as well.

I’m perfectly willing to admit that I’m not necessarily an expert on creating surveys or interview questions, but I do know there is a lot of psychology behind asking them a certain way. I want to maximize these two opportunities for early learning from my potential constituents, so looking for any ideas or expertise that might be helpful to consider as I build out this process.


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Note: I’ve split this out into a new topic.

Sure. I have surveyed potential audiences for clients, and have identified and recruited founding members for my own.

This resource from Rich is a good one:

sector-interviews.pdf (190.6 KB)

And regarding surveys, here is a slide deck from a talk that Stephanie Beadall did at Sprint a couple of years back on improving surveys:

@Lucas has a tonne of experience working with surveying – he may have additional advice. @Jane_Atkin has also had great success with surveying her audience.

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Thank you so much! I can’t wait to look through these and am open to hearing from any other experts on this topic as well.

I so appreciate the information sharing opportunities we have in this space.

Thanks @HAWK for keeping it all wrangled together somehow!

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Did you make any progress on putting together a survey @aimee_charlton? I’d love to hear what you worked out.

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I did! I’m about to send it out on April 7th. It’s very specific to our
network partners (who I’m building the community for) and what they think
about the current program and benefits and assessing what they’d like to
see. Gathering baseline data from them before community launch so I can do
some comparison on impact down the line.

Also about to kick off interviews with 65 targeted partners who I would
like to encourage to be our founding community members. Shooting for those
mid april and still working on interview questions to ask during a 30 min
phone call.

Thanks for asking!

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Looks very interesting, I definitely will use it for a new project that I’m kicking off