inSided vs Vanilla in Feverbee material

(shanew Walsh) #1

Hey, this is directed to @richard_millington, really enjoying your latest materials! But in your latest webinar and now your newest video, you keep mentioning TomTom as an example of a badly designed community and I don’t disagree with your points. However, you keep mentioning its built by inSided but this in incorrect as they’re on Vanilla.

We mentioned this in the chat during your last Webinar but maybe you will see this :v:

If you want to judge an inSided community :wink: these are two of our newer ones:
Thinkwise Software


(Richard Millington) #2

Hey @shane_w.

Completely understand where you’re coming from here. Entirely my own fault. I was juggling too many companies/vendors and mixed them up. I don’t get to read the comments in the partner webinars sadly, it doesn’t show up in my panelist view.

Going to leave this post up for others to see, feel free to add any other inSided communities people should check out :slight_smile:



(David Silvernail) #3

One of my favorite tools to use when browsing online is a chrome extension called Wappalyzer.

It automatically detects what CMS/platform it’s running on and other technologies are being used on the current page/site. I find it really handy especially when I find a well done community that has customized their interface so much that I can’t recognize it immediately.

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(Richard Millington) #4

I tend to use Builtwith.

The challenge in this particular case was just the number of communities I had to memorise. I never use speaker notes on presentations. I think it’s probably that TomTom used to be on Insided - so that’s what caused the error on my side. I’ve added a note to the blog post too on this one.