Industry standard metrics for community platforms

Hey guys-
I’m curious to know if you guys have any community industry standards that you can share. I’m curious to know if “customers/partners are more likely to choose a vendor if they have a healthy/thriving community”.


Hi there,
Unfortunately I do not have numbers but giffgaff is a good example, I suppose. Let me know:)

Hi @alockwood, I don’t think that kind of data exists at the moment.

There is plenty of data to suggest communities do influence purchase behavior, but that’s primarily from ‘repeat purchases’. rather than new purchase intent.

Some thoughts:

  1. From a macro perspective, it be a challenging metric to measure – a great one to have, but still challenging.

You would need to first benchmark ‘community health / activity’ against those of the competitors. Then you’d have to see if any positive increases in your community health / activity lead to more purchase decisions, taking into account all other factors like pricing, promotion, etc.

  1. From a micro perspective, if your own community is dropping in purchase links, it could be worthwhile to include affiliate / campaign codes to track. Companies track Web SEO campaigns all the time, not sure why they shouldn’t track their own community-driven purchases.

It’s an interesting idea. I’m always a little skeptical about tracking direct purchase links from the community. It’s hard to prove these aren’t people who wouldn’t have purchased anyway.

For example, if you drive your biggest customers to a community and they start purchasing via links posted in the community, is it a purchase triggered by the community? Or simply sales shifted from one channel to another?