Increasing engagement with Monthly Community News article

Hey guys,
Does anyone have experience with creating monthly news articles for your community where you are gathering all the most important information for the previous month?
If so - what is your engagement, how your community perceiving this? Is it increases overall engagement or no? Here is my latest news article about my community.
What do you think is good and what is bad there? Feedback on anything will be helpful! :slight_smile:
It could be great to see what you guys are doing, what is your strategy regarding community news?

Hello! I was putting together monthly pieces as well, but have scaled that back because although people reported that they appreciated the articles, we didn’t see an increase in engagement. You can see the type of articles we used at

Hi, Great topic!
We post monthly community news. We see the high activity around the news (many comments) only when we announce community leaders. All the activity around people make people contribute more - this is what we noticed! Here is our news:

I will also be happy to learn how the news can increase the activity :slight_smile:

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Hi all. Thank you for starting this topic! I am just about to start a monthly roundup as well. This was a very valuable discussion to read, so thank you for sharing!

I am now setting measurements for the roundup, how do you measure your monthly community news? You mentioned engagement?, however how do you define it?

I am happy to share my final one when it´s up and running :).

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