Incentivizing with status

Hey everyone,

So I’m pretty certain my community members are motivated by status. Trying to identify the best way to tap into that but having trouble coming up with anything that isn’t traditional gamification.

For the record, this community isn’t even fully live yet, but I can already tell that this will be a pain point as even getting responses via email and getting them to use the forum isn’t easy.

Anyone have any experience motivating their members with the reward of a higher status? If so, what did you use to get there?

Most software will have member titles or member badges that members can be auto-promoted into.

You should map out your member journey and figure out specific achievements that you’d like to award. You may even offer multiple member journeys and therefore multiple pathways for titles.

One o the best takeaways I got from @richard_millington blog articles is to actually explain the meaning and purpose of these promotions. This can be a congratulations post in your forums, but you want to talk about:

  • what it takes to earn the reward
  • what the rewards mean
  • how many people earn the rewards

This does take some extra work but it gives a whole new depth of meaning and achievement to the status.

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I do have a plan for gamification already built out (one that doesn’t reward them every 10 posts but rather when they create a valuable piece of content or exhibit expertise in a certain segment, and so on), my concern is that it won’t be enough. That being said, I hadn’t considered the explaining of the meaning of each achievement as you mentioned.

I’ll give this a shot, thank you!

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If your organization is open to it you can pitch a community day where you invite several users to come on site for a behind the scenes your, face meet and greet with key members, awards luncheon, etc.

There was another recent topic about redeeming physical gifts.


I really like this idea, going to see if I can get the company to agree to it.

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There were a couple of good articles on FeverBee about pitching an on-site meeting. It went something like, “we spend $$$ amount on the community, wouldn’t it make sense where we invite the Superusers who make up X portion of our community resources for a one day event that will basically cost lunch + swag $ but we can accomplish XYZ.”

If you are able to host the event, here are some things I’ve picked up from an (informal) community consult I did with a small business out in WA. They were on a bootstrap budget and the only cost was a catered lunch, but it was a great event.

  • The CM spent all of breakfast individually getting to know the members and emotionally bonding with all of them. The members didn’t know each other beforehand because they were a mix of reps and customers. By 9:00 AM they were all friends and that really helped set the tone of openness and camaraderie for the rest of the day. How you open the day is key.
  • She took a lot of photos. For every activity, she and her assistant were photographing everything. It was great for blog articles and photographic proof to senior management.
  • She launched a couple of activities / special projects that she could stretch out for a couple of months . Once again, great content for later community discussions and for senior management.
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Lunch & swag I’m not too concerned about. The airfare and hotel is more so the hurdle I’d run into. Luckily everyone is domestic but still.

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