Improving message response rates on p2p platforms

(Lucie Boyle) #1

Hi All. I work for a brilliant car sharing platform called As community manager, one of the key issues i’m keen to improve is our less than perfect message response rates.

I.e. A user finds a suitable lift offer, contacts the driver in question and the driver does not respond.

Have any of you developed or stumbled upon any response rate boosting tricks?

I’ll be eternally grateful!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I’m going to bump this topic because I think it’s a good one and I’m interested to hear what ideas people have.

Out of interest, have you done any research into why it is that people don’t respond? Are there patterns?

(ForumSentinel) #3

Can just anyone post a lift offer? I ask because there may be a way to screen legitimate offers from users who have no intention of following through with the offered service. Some may be posting bogus offers for the “lulz”.

If they’re not responding, I’d postulate it’s because they either don’t know they have been contacted or they have no incentive to answer. Are there push notifications or tagging when their post is responded to? Speaking to the motivation, what can you offer the driver, that would make them more likely to wait for a reply vs finding clients through other services? I don’t feel like I can give too many specifics since I 'm not familiar with this space and the limitations but just some thoughts.

(Lucie Boyle) #4

Hi @HAWK and @ForumSentinel, thanks for your responses. Yes I’ve done a bit of research into it (although I could definitely do more!). Insights so far are that many people who’ve offered a lift seem to get cold feet once they actually get a request to share…so the easiest way to cop-out is to not respond. Other than that it seems that some users simply feel too busy to respond or are put off by the tone with which they are asked for a lift. I’ve had a few users say “I’m not a taxi service…I can’t pick someone up wherever they want”. Insufficient incentives could well also be at play!

It’s a shame because there is a lot to gain from lift sharing…but many are put off if they’ve failed to get responses to their requests.

I appreciate your suggestions!