If you could stop doing one thing, what would it be?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

If you could delegate (or just stop doing) one task that’s part of your job, what would it be?

(Cristina Salzillo) #2

Replying to messages requesting support on the product. Some people still contact me instead than the customer care.

(Piper_Wilson) #3

Nothing. I want to do more but, because of time constraints outside of UXMastery, I’m not able to yet. Someday I’ll have my life back. :wink:

(Piper_Wilson) #4

How do you handle that?

(Cristina Salzillo) #5

@Piper_Wilson I reply to the customer, but mostly I bounce them to the contact support form. I give them help only for general questions.
It is an academic community, so the questions are delicate and related to their academic status.
Just before I joined the company, they tried an attempt of handling the customer care in the community, so the support team was replying within the community. The experiment was a failure under many extentends; people were expecting a 24 hours service that was not provided and handling delicate requests in a public space was offering leverage to the customer for complaints (not always when they were in the right to do it). When I was hired, the company told me to change this aspect as they wanted the requests to be in the queue of our CRM System. It was such a complicated and stressful process!

(Kristen Gastaldo) #6

Downloading a user profile completion excel report, scanning for spammy accounts, and then manually deleting them.

Their posts never get through (and a lot of them never even try), but I hate stumbling upon a profile that has “www.xbeautyskincream.com” as their website. GRRRR.

(Lana Lee) #7

I’d stop asking people to do their jobs :stuck_out_tongue: J/k (but kind of not!)

What I do is that I review posts and then talk to management to get the agents to respond to support questions. Before, I would ask agents directly, but given that I’m not their manager, my ask was low priority over the tickets that their managers assigned to them.

We changed the process to be such that it’s now on the managers to ask their people to check posts. However, after a month of that, we had 12 lapsed posts, either with no response or responses needing feedback after lackluster responses like “we’ll get back to you soon!” or “Let me check with our specialist here”, “I see you filed a ticket with us…” - all of which are unhelpful to other visitors in the Community.

I’m making a list of these types of posts so that I can eventually do a Community 101 training seminar of what not to do in our community :wink:

(Sarah Hawk) #8

Ha! I hear you on that. We get them here. It’s weird though – they fill out rich profiles with all their details but never actually try to post.

Good call!

(Kristen Gastaldo) #9

I LOVED GetSatisfaction for this reason. I could assign topics to specific people in the CM admin section. They got a notification, signed in, went to the CM console, filtered for their posts and responded. They didn’t have to spend ANY time looking for posts that needed answers. I could evenly assign out posts and we had no overlap in effort, with people possibly working on the same ones. I’m on Jive now, but man, that was a sweet feature.

(Richard Millington) #10

I really love that @Kristen_Gastaldo shows up about once a month, writes half a dozen great responses to questions, and then goes back into hibernation until next month :slight_smile:

I’ve generally delegated everything I’ve wanted to delegate at this point. I’d probably get help doing research next.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #11

I know, I know. I feel like I start every response with “sorry for the delay.”