"If This Then That" and other web connectors - how do you use for your community?

(Anton) #1

So, there are plenty of web service that can connect various APIs from around the world. IFTTT is just one such a service.

Anyone uses them? How and for what purpose?
Please share your experience.

(Jessica Malnik) #2

@meglio Yes, I’ve used IFTTT before. It’s pretty good especially for automating repetitive social media tasks (like updating a profile photo across multiple sites). However, I think Zapier is 10x more powerful. (They have both free and paid versions).

Here’s a guest post I wrote a couple of years ago highlighting some tasks that can be easily automated.

Two additional things worth noting with Zapier.
They have multi-step zaps where you can set up and automate more complex processes. For example, every time a new member joins your community, you can set up a zap to sync it with your CRM tool and then automatically add them to your onboarding autoresponder series.

Also, Zapier’s Slack integration is awesome.