If I was an onboarding experience, I would be


(James Longley) #1

Hi all and happy Monday :raised_hands:

One question I get a lot - and which I’ve been wondering about - is what constitutes an outstanding new member onboarding experience.

I’d love to hear from you about what you consider to be the essential elements of a great community onboarding experience and the communities who you think have got onboarding nailed down (no matter the sector).



(Josh Wolf) #2

Hi James,

Thanks for starting this discussion! I don’t have an answer, but I’m looking for one :slight_smile: I want to redesign our onboarding process and am looking for successful examples. It doesn’t look like anyone took you up on your invitation, but I appreciate you asking.


(Mark Williams) #3

I’d be interested to hear this too. I’d suggest before looking at others, figure out what your goal is for your community. You community is a product (it’s true!) so what action do you want your users to take and how might you optimize for that? Then, what’s the activity you need to do to nudge them in that direction?

(Piper_Wilson) #4

I came across this website a while back. I believe it is more about user experience than anything, but it may be helpful in gleaning some over-arching concepts.