Identifying which community platform is being used

Hi! Does anyone know if there is a way of identifying which community platform vendor (e.g. Vanilla, Khoros etc) is being used when you visit a community site?

I think I have seen someone in the past work it out via DevTools but not sure how they did it…




I know that for Insided communities, they have a ‘Powered by Insided’ widget at the bottom of every page (above the footer). It’s a hyperlink which takes you to this page.

You can try Wappalyzer - Technology profiler - Chrome Web Store You can try to take a look at the source text, it will usually mention the platform several times.

3 Likes is also a great site.


That’s what I do. The quick way is to view page source and then search for the main players. It won’t work for bespoke platforms.