Identifying potential Power-Users at early stage

(Andrej Raider) #1

Hi all!

A challenge I want to share with you.
So, I am trying to elaborate tactics to build a small group of “core-users” or “super-users” in an early-stage community. They are supposed to have the role of engaging the other newcommers.
Since there will be a lot of registrations and newcommers, and I am atm the only Community Manager (without volunteers or similar), I won´t be able to have personal conversations with all of them nor writing personal messages to all of them. My first thought was to first observe how things go and then approach the members with the most contributions within X days, but

  1. I´m not sure if “contributions within X days” is an accurate metric to identify future power-users
  2. Not sure if it´s a good idea to actually “wait and see how things develop” rather than taking action early on.

I´d love to know if there are known indications that hint that a users has big potential for becoming power-users in the future, so I can focus on those users at an early stage.

Cheers! :wink:


(Andrej Raider) #2

Actually just found this great article, that gives me some inspiration already :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #3

People generally rely on tenure and data for recruiting super-users, but that’s not the best approach.

In your case you need people to perform a specific task and that isn’t directly linked to level of engagement. In your case it will be people that are effective when it comes to forming and nurturing relationships (both with other members and with your organisation), modelling behaviour, commanding respect and motivating their peers.

Select a diverse group that represents the full range of member archetypes. This helps the superuser group to gain the trust of other members across the spectrum, ultimately resulting in the community feeling well represented (and the superusers feeling validated and motivated).

Because you are in the early stages it makes sense to leverage relationships rather than demographics or psychographics. Until you have had time to collect reliable data, keep control by utilising the people that you have a strong trust based relationships with. Essentially that will be your founding members.