[Idea] Prepending topic titles

(Sarah Hawk) #1

The clever members over at the CMX Facebook group started prepending new posts with a label so that people could see at a glance what was what. We like that idea so we’re going to give it a go here.

[Research] [Idea] [Question] are a few that spring to mind, but there are no rules.

Hint: I’m looking forward to seeing much more [Research] :wink:

(Nick Emmett) #2

This is a great idea, love it!

(Stephen Gates) #3

Why not use tagging?

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I actually thought about it but this seemed like a more deliberate and visual action to take.
Perhaps it’s overkill and tagging would be smarter. Is that the consensus?

(Stephen Gates) #5

Here’s what tagging looks like to help people decide…

Adding a tag to a topic

Tags displayed in a list of topics

(Sarah Hawk) #6

Tags were broken here for several weeks and no one seemed to notice, which led me to believe that no one was using them.

Still, let’s see what the others weigh in with. I’m more than happy to go with the majority decision in this case.

(Bo McGuffee) #7

I’m more a fan of clickable tags. If we want the visual to catch interest, I wonder what it would look like with a sortable tag at the front of the title (uniform size).

(Sarah Hawk) #8

In theory that sounds great! I’ll investigate, but I can’t promise anything as I don’t know how much work is involved.

(Bo McGuffee) #9

No need for promises. I’m not tied to the idea. Just throwing it out there.