I want to create a community website for my local soccer club

(Gladson Douglas Dube) #1

I have this idea of creating a community website for my local soccer team, its not just an idea any more, i have build a working prototype with all features.The problem is that I don’t know how to pitch it to the team managers, they asked me to write a proposal, i am having a challenge with that and i am not sure weather to charge or do it for free if they like the idea.
(sorry guys English is not my first language)

(Sarah Hawk) #2

This looks like the type of challenge that @scottgould might be able to advise on. I suspect that we could all learn a lot about pitching and messaging from Scott.

[quote=“Gladson_Douglas_Dube, post:1, topic:1671”]
they asked me to write a proposal, i am having a challenge with that
[/quote] What do you see as the main points of value? If you imagine that you are a team member and you are doing a cost–benefit analysis (eg: “I’m very busy and have little spare time” vs “What’s in it for me?”), what are the main reasons that someone would want to use your community.

No apology necessary. Respect to anyone that speaks more than one language!

(Gladson Douglas Dube) #3

thank you Sarah, to be honest i am not a fan of soccer, i saw this as an opportunity to make money

(Scott Gould) #4

Hi Gladson and Sarah,

Gladson, if I can be forthright, if you don’t have a passion for soccer then your community won’t work. The basis of community is authenticity, and thus you are missing the central piece for success.

I would advise you to think about community around something that you are passionate about!

Good luck!


(Sarah Hawk) #5

[quote=“Gladson_Douglas_Dube, post:3, topic:1671, full:true”]
thank you Sarah, to be honest i am not a fan of soccer, i saw this as an opportunity to make money
[/quote] Regardless, you should still be able to establish the value that soccer players will get from the community. Is it the opportunity to carpool to games? To organise social meetups? To debrief after games? You need to be able to offer them something that makes it a valuable way to spend their time.

The best place to start would be to research your potential audience to find out what it is that they currently need and can’t get elsewhere. What gap can you fill for them?

(Gladson Douglas Dube) #6

thank you @scottgould :smile:

(Gladson Douglas Dube) #7

i thought of it as a place where the team fans can can interact with their soccer celebrities, give the fans an opportunity to contribute to their soccer team and possible have a blog section. I interviewed a few fans, they were very excited about the idea. I might not be passionate about soccer but I am passionate about creating something people will enjoy and love to use

(Sarah Hawk) #8

So it sounds like you have a potential audience, but in order to make it work you’d need to have buy-in from the club (so that the celebrities are incentivised to participate and so that someone creates content). In order to get that buy-in you’re going to have to prove that there is a demand, and demonstrate value to the club.

I can see the benefit for the fans. What benefit do you see for the club?

(Gladson Douglas Dube) #9

this club has a huge following already, I thought the club can make money through advertising on the community website, not google ads which are boring but i am sure local companies might be willing to put their adverts there

(Sarah Hawk) #10

Ok, so I guess the things that you need to communicate clearly in your proposal are:

  • The value proposition (advertising revenue). You will need to offer proof of interest.
  • The existing demand (you will need to do more interviews with fans and record them/make notes so that you can clearly communicate that demand)
  • What will be required of the team (how much time and effort will be required for engagement, content creation etc)
  • What your role will be and what you expect for that

Does that give you somewhere to start?

(Kerry Santo) #11

Gladson, can you add me on facebook as I have a guy willing to get you some advice and also help with getting into the business space and digital space in Zimbabwe. Have known him for a while he is also football mad.

(Sarah Hawk) #12

The power of community, huh? My work here is done!

(Kerry Santo) #13

apparently the digital scene is buzzing in Zimbabwe according to my friend who works in that arena
and he is very keen to help Gladson out.

(Gladson Douglas Dube) #14

woooow you have no idea, its like i just took a brain enhancement drug kkkkk:joy: thank you so much Hawk

(Kerry Santo) #15

Just a few thoughts for you about what content, why don’t you take photographs of the fans, or when you are interviewing them video them, that way when you are putting together a proposal or doing a pitch you will be able to show the team managers the fans that love their football team and want to be a part of the community website? Get enough fans to do this and how could they say refuse?

I did this course a week or so ago and it did help me and give me a few techniques that have proven to be quite helpful and although the course is basic, as I knew nothing of it before, it’s opened doors to more aspects

Did I mention it was free.

(Gladson Douglas Dube) #16

@KerrySanto thank you so much, whats you facebook username

(Kerry Santo) #17

its just Kerry Santo, my profile picture is of Leatherface, with a whitty comment, you can’t miss me, I think there is only one, well the friend request I hope it went to the right Gladson, take it there is just one of you on there too?

(Gladson Douglas Dube) #18

Thanks you @KerrySanto, Mike has been very helpful