I want to build slow, but if people are knocking at the door


(Dave Charbonneau) #1

I started the CHIP process just over one month ago, and part of that process has brought me to host a video broadcast (I’m launching on Tuesday!).

I want to be able to promote the community, but I’m still searching out those 10+ core foundational members. I’m actually thinking I’ll find them by having them as guests on my program. The call to action on my program feels something like this: “If you like what you experienced here, join our community.” In fact, I’d like to be able to connect listeners with the guests on my program by encouraging both to join.

So where does this put my “slow but steady” approach? Do I put audience members on a waiting list if they want to get in NOW? Do you think I should just do the show without referring to the community for awhile until those 10+ are in place, until we grow it “in secret” until we’re at 50 to 100?

What say you?

(Richard Millington) #2

I’d make it more specific. I tend to advice against ‘join the community’ appeals. They’re not very motivating. Add in the video or resources within the community that people can access. Reference the discussions within the community in the session etc…I’d try to make sure there’s a clear motivation to join the community.

‘10’ is a relatively arbitrary number. If you can get more, have more. 50 is great too. Just make sure you have a core base of people who are going to use the community when it’s live. They have to know you, trust you, and be willing to take a leap of faith for you that you’re going to create something great (and they need to spend their time there to help make it great).

(Dave Charbonneau) #3

Thank you. Clarity on both points. Much appreciated.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Congratulations! Exciting.