I have a challenge for you, FeverBee Experts

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Continuing the discussion from Solving Problems Or Seizing Opportunities?:

Rich makes a very important observation here. It’s SO easy to fall into a pattern of firefighting problems, and it’s what we’re doing here at Experts. Most of our conversations are around specific activities (a platform migration, a toxic member) and while those are important, they don’t serve the wider community.

I want to change this.

I challenge you all over the next month to start a new discussion that gets us thinking and sharing.

p.s. It doesn’t have to be an advanced topic.

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(purldator) #2

To aid this endeavor, I offer a question that may make this task less overwhelming; a focus. The linked article states a simple situation that is common to most situations; from relationships, addictions, short-term fixes for long-term forever problems, to basic concepts of one’s own psyche and how an ego will fight until it dies at the hands of the super ego, id or both at once. Being reactive is not fixing the true problem. Proactive involves defining the underlying problem and engaging it with a practical strategy that may be made of “sub strategies”.

It is the difference between a peace keeper and a peace maker.

I really like peace making. For me, exhilerating. The results make me elated. I exude Empathy and it fuels my tenacious drive to get to the bottom of every single situation.

I shall offer it.

If these specific activities (or groups of specific activities) all stem from the same base problem (or at least in close relation), then, what do all these activities have in common that suggest a base problem exists to explore?

The two examples: toxic members, platform migrations.

The former; I agree a common problem exists as a foundation to every single case regarding a toxic member on any given community. I feel the methods (reactive) currently considered empirical are lacking. @HAWK, you know what I imply with that, and what I intend to do: write about it.

The latter regarding platform migrations… Ehh. I do not know if a common problem exists under it. Unless this activity does not relate to the technical aspects. Instead, the implication comes from the same as a toxic member. Ergo, members who swiftly complain about the new platform, and cause a wider burden than whatever solutions the new platform was going to address and mitigate in the first place.

Then yes. I see something. See it. I have seen it so much that now I am willing to stand up here, right now, and speak that I understand what is going on. Not know, but understand. Key difference, aye.

I hope my words incite ideas and concepts not held previously in other community-engaged minds; enough to warrant more intense thought and large-gauge discussion.