How would you improve these community focus group questions?

(Ben) #1

I'm working with a scientific society that is evaluating their community (re-launched on a new platform about 18 months ago) as a part of an overall technology audit. I've been asked to develop focus group questions, evaluate the responses, and report back my recommendations. A professional facilitator will run the focus group, but I will be present to listen to responses and ask followup questions.

Here are some questions that I've asked in similar circumstances, but I'm curious if y'all have any feedback on these questions or if you have any others that you'd recommend:

  • How do you use the internet to ask a work-related question or solve work-related problems?
  • Where are you physically when you need information from the internet?
  • Tell about time you found something online that you thought, "Wow, this is really useful?" What was it? Where did you find it? How did you learn about it?
  • How do you use the online community?
  • Can you tell me a story about a time that it provided tangible value for you?
  • What is your overall impression on how it's working?
  • What do you find intuitive?
  • What do you find¬†frustrating?
  • In its best and highest use, what should the community be used used for?
  • Can you tell me a story about a time you witnessed unproductive use of our community?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I think those look pretty thorough, Ben. Is it assumed that everyone in the focus group uses the community?

I always find "if you could change one about the community, what would it be?" an interesting one.