How with internal newsletter engage developers to be more active in Community?

Hi there!
Does anyone have experience with creating internal newsletters and could share some tips?
I’m in charge of creating a monthly internal newsletter about the things that happen around our Community. The goal for this is to inform other colleagues, especially developers and Product Managers to make them more active in our forum and help to answer technical, product-related questions.
I was wondering maybe someone has experience with this and could share insights, tips, and tricks, etc?

There’s useful examples referred to in a number of existing topics. I’ve listed the first four I found:

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Hi @laimavai,

I have! The community for which I manage covers a very complex software so I rely heavily on internal engagement to help answer questions - similar to yours. in fact, we have different teams that specialize in different areas of the product, and none of them really cross-over. It’s rare for us to have someone who is a jack-of-all-trades.

I sent out quarterly newsletters when we launched our Community in 2016 to keep Community on everyone’s mind since it was a new thing.

In 2018, I held a workshop at Support Driven about Internal Engagement and collected my thoughts in a blog post here (scroll down to tip #4 where I talk about my newsletter): Let me know if the screenshots are blurry as I think I need new glasses!

The following are a few things I included in my newsletter (mixed and matched). The key is to stick to the KISS rule and have it be digestible and quick to read with lots of fun pics.

  1. What’s New in Community
  2. What’s hot and why (using metrics for those who think that’s important)
  3. Community 101 (How to…)
  4. What’s Next?
  5. What’s shareworthy? (for customer-facing folks)
  6. Community Kudos (internal awards)
  7. Community Quotes (if any)

In 2017, I kept my goal simple which was for internals to simply “Think of Community” (we launched in 2016) . This year, I’m going to be more direct as I’m not taking any excuses as to why internals shouldn’t know about the Community and where to participate in it 4 years after its launch.

Right now, I’m working on a Community Hub + Community College to direct and socialize internally for each team so that they know exactly where they should be participating right away with one click. Make it easy for them to know where to subscribe and keep watch over customer posts and contribute.

Hope that helps,


Hi @lana_lee
Thanks a lot for such a valuable insight into your working process. It is really helpful :slight_smile: