How well do you delegate?

(Alessio Fattorini) #1

Many people find delegating to be one of the most difficult elements of leadership
As community leader, how do you delegate? Moderation role, community role?
Common barriers and concerns? How can you help your delegates be successful?
How to get good feedback from those you delegate to?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Great topic.

I used to be very bad at delegating until I realised that it was a fast track to doing everything in a mediocre way and nothing well. It also undermines relationships and takes the enjoyment out of work for everyone.

The times when I still find it difficult to delegate are when tasks take so long to explain that they are quicker to do myself.

I’d like to hear from Rich on this one. He built our team around a skill based strategy, employing people to solve specific problems, rather than to fill roles. It’s easier to delegate tasks to people that you know are more equipped to perform them than you are yourself.

I have also learned many times over that usually the idea of giving up a task is much worse than the reality, which is often a relief. Spreading tasks often means a better experience for everyone.

(Chris Detzel) #3

At Rexel, I have the pleasure of working with different countries. The
people I work with are in eCommerce and have many duties. One of those
duties include the Community. I have to encourage them and help them build
their community strategy into their overall eCommerce strategy. I have no
choice but to delegate responsibilities to each country. How do I do this,
well it’s not easy and I’m still learning, but here are some thoughts.

  1. Have a weekly call with the eCommerce leader and talk about their
    specific responsibilities and how we can make the community successful
    within their country.
  2. Build a roadmap with the country leaders and get their buy-in.
  3. After buy-in start putting in place specific activities they can do and
    put dates to them.
  4. During each and every call see where they are, what they are struggling
    with and where I can help.
  5. Talk about what is working with other countries and what’s not working.