How We Helped Eventbrite Increase Community Participation By 160%


(Richard Millington) #1

Last summer, we were hired by Eventbrite to work on their EventTribe community. EventTribe is a really interesting customer acquisition community. The primary goal is to gather leads of significant value through the community. This meant the concept had to be about the topic (running successful events) and not about the product (the latter would…

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(outofthebox) #2

Hi Richard, who designed the conditional logic banners for you? Fantastic story!

(Shreyas) #3

I think it was @pat.scullion, if I’m not wrong.

Btw, great article, Rich! Super detailed.

(Pat Scullion) #4

You’re not wrong. :slight_smile: I designed and developed those using the Discourse API/AJAX search queries. An interesting project!

(Richard Millington) #5

Yes it was all @pat.scullion on this one.