How we can help each other build communities (and the end of CommunityGeek)

(Richard Millington) #1

In 2012 we decided to create a community where practitioners and academics could share ideas. We could even do it on the Drupal platform, something our clients had been asking for at the time.

It didn’t work as well as I had hoped. A few iterations later, we finally found our groove as a place for community professionals to share very specific, practical tips. I think that focus works much better for everyone.

Today we’re relaunching our new site. It’s a soft launch, we’re not promoting it until we fix a few outstanding bugs. But it’s finally one we’re really proud of. It’s the best Discourse integration out there. I’m pretty proud of the work @HAWK put into it to make this happen.

  • Get featured on the front page. We have the best Discourse integration out there. Your tips and questions will appear on the front page of If you want to solve a problem or boost your status, this is the best way to do it.

  • Free access to our training course. We’re also upping what members get. Beginning next week, every paying member of FeverBee will get access to our entire training course. That’s $720 value you get right immediately. We’re going to add a LOT more courses here in the coming months.

  • Detailed list of resources. We’ve ramped the resources section to get rid of the clutter. We’re going to continually add and summarize the best resources. Every paid member can download ANY resource they like for free. If you want to upgrade your level, try here:

  • Rapid responses to your questions. We abide by this model of value. We love everyone chatting and getting to know each other. We’ve created a place for it. But we’re here to master the art of building social groups. We’re going to make a commitment to give you practical, useful, advice to help you build groups. this has one big implications. But we need you to share your ideas, post your questions, and help one another too.

  • Regular Events. We’ve periodically hosted online webinars, interviews, online training sessions. In about 2 weeks, we’ll put together a clear schedule you can follow and sign up to.

A lot of this needs your understanding.

We love opinions, personal experiences, and people looking for jobs. But none of this is what makes FeverBee unique. Our focus has always been on making us better at building communities. We can share plenty of opinions at CMX, e-mint, and other great sites. Here we want to focus on practical tips. Go as deep as you possibly can to help one another.

We’re retiring the CommunityGeek brand today. All your content/posts have been moved across. Instead we’re focusing solely on FeverBee. We’re going to keep you all in one place.

Thanks for sticking with us all this time. I hope you’ve now got the site you believe you deserve. We’re all personally very proud of it.

(Alessio Fattorini) #2

Amazing news! I’m ready to participate to this community, really excited

(Richard Millington) #3

Really happy to have you here, we’ve got some awesome things coming up.