How to Start an Online Community: Exercise 2 - Classify these Communities

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Feverbee Exercise 2
Course: How to Start an Online Community
The Basics
Module: Exercise 2: Classify these Communities

Mumsnet - I would classify Mumsnet as a hybrid of Interest and Practice. They have features of an Interest Community because the members share a common Interest (good parenting) and bond and support one another on these topics. They have features of a Practice Community because they share the same activity (parenting) and are collaborating on best practices for that vocation.

Flourish Forum - This is an Interest Community. People who share an interest in the art of calligraphy come here to exchange ideas and bond over their art.

The Barista Exchange - This would be a Practice Community. People in the specialty coffee industry come here to discuss their jobs.

Nairaland - Place. This is a forum about Nigeria.

Ben’s Friends - Circumstance - a network of Communities for patients of rare and chronic diseases and their families and caretakers.

Student Doctor - Practice - a Community for medical professional students.

(The video said to post my answers here, so I’m doing so even though it seems awkward. It looks like I disagreed just a bit with the video on the Mumsnet.)

I can’t figure out how to classify my own Community. Had I not listened to the video, I would have thought it was a Community of Interest, but in the explanation, it was mentioned that people in a Community of Interest tend to be genuinely curious and you don’t see the focus on being considered an expert. We definitely do have some of that jockeying for expert status, so I’d be interested to know if others with a Community you think is best defined as a Community of Interest also have those who want to build their reputation.

And by all means, if the online course assignments are no longer meant to be posted here, someone please let me know!