How to reduce churn of superusers?

So I run a community for a Telco here in Brazil and, though we have over 150k registerred members, the majority of new registers come, ask a question and never come back not even for a disclosure purpose.
We are aware of or platform limitations (currently running on vBulletin 4.2.5) regarding authomatizing answers to be delivered also via e-mail and other mechanicals we could apply with a better/more up to date platform.
The thing is - we are growing on superusers (last October, when I started at this project we had 27, nowadays they are close to 130 monthly) with gamification and rewards, but those starting 27 are sttuborn creatures ready to go full troll mode everytime we change layout/rules/etc.
So, to wrap up, I have a couple of questions I need advice:
1- should I clean up my registerred users base and clusterize everyone that’s left and measure if this is a good way to convert inactive users to superusers? or
2 - should I leave the user base as is and clusterize only new registers in order to reduce churn just from here on?

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What you have here is what I’ve seen in more extreme forms: “negative exclusivity”. Exclusivity has a parabole graph. Go too far and your super users do not tolerate newcomers nor changes to the your community or even the product. I’ve seen extremes where superusers dictated a product name. The only way to solve this is to cut your losses and put a break on your gamification rewarding. There is an absolute maximum to rewarding an audience. Go over it and it will have negative impact. So, I’d go wide and fade them from your digital podium where you have put them in the first place. Seen this a number of times now and its a psychological thing where people draw status and recognition from the podium you give them.


An alternative is to break the super user group up into segment with specific purpose and call it an expansion. Can they not be given recognition and a new sandbox to explore?


Congrats on the growth of your Superusers! That’s always a group that you’d like to focus on, since they have an outsized impact on the community.

In regards to the negativity of the Superusers, there’s a concept called the Spiral of Silence. It basically says, as the vocal minority gets louder, other members adopt the same views or fail to share opposing views because no other voices are being shared. The solution is normally to bring them into a private group, which both makes them feel special and allows you to remove the public negativity.

In regards to the cleanup, I’m always kind of curious as to why community managers feel the need to “clean house.” The technical burden is trivial (those users are literally inactive!). Just be aware that if you permanently delete, you lose out on the potential of future engagement.

Also, you’ll need to define the churn problem of Superusers. Usually by definition, Superusers are regular participants so … there isn’t churn.