How to quantify value of community?

Hello everyone.
I’m Masa from Japan.

I need some help.

I’v been heading the community marketing group in the Game Publisher in Japan as a Senior Manager.

Recently, it’s said that the most important thing in marketing is “community” also here in Japan.

I’v tried lots of measures to our community of game player, like a social media campaign and meetup events etc.

In some case, we need lots of cost to launch measure for community.

Therefore, I’v been considering how to analyze the ROI for our measures to show the value of community marketing.

But, it’s not easy to analyze how increase our profits of game by community measures, in particular quantitative analysis.

I think there are some correlations between the condition of community of game player and the revenue of game.

it has not been completely explained yet in Japan because we cannot get enough data of community.

I want to know the method to analyze the value of community.

Would you be able to lend your expertise?


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Hi @masashi.tsurukawa,

There’s a relatively short answer and an extremely long answer to your question.

The short answer is what metric is your community intending to move? Is that metric moving?

The more complex answer is depending upon what data you have access to, there are a tonne of things you can test and explore ( might help.

So it’s best to thing of it as a research question to begin with. What are the metrics that matter to you and what data do you have access to? Once you have that information, you can start building a model to measure the ROI.

Or answer here and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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Hi @richard_millington

Thank you for your reply.

I’ll explore the page you send me to deepen my understanding about metric of community.

If you would not mind, I would like to talk about more how to analyze community of game player.

Here are the data of game apps I can have access to.

Basic data about game app
the number of new users and returning users per daily.
the number of payment users per daily
the amount of payment per payment users.
game continuity rate per person.

Our most important community is Twitter.
We can obtain data from Twitter API.

Actually,I checked two phenomenons before.

First, when the number of tweets about our game app increased, new customers also increased.
But another phenomenon was opposite, the number of tweet was more than before, but new customer didn’t increase.

I think that important thing is who tweet and who received.

If I can combine data between game app and Twitter,I can analyze the phenomenon deeply.
But, game users can combine own Twitter account with game id as desired.
So, all users don’t register,I can’t analyze exhaustively.

If the correlation of each KPI becomes clear, I think that analysis will be possible.

I would like you to lend your expertise.


There have been lots of research about the “optimal” number of tweets. It’s ~2 per day.

The more important measurement is the number of engagements on that tweet: the number of re-tweets, the hashtag trends, the comments on the tweet, etc. Then try to map that to your game data.