How to personalize your community homepage?

Hi all,

My name is Hiewwaiy and I’m a community manager at Infoland, a B2B software company in the Netherland. Our community is quite ‘‘young’’ (we have launched it a year ago). Our biggest challenge is how to create a valuable community platform to ALL of our customers, as they come from diverse branches. We have customers working at hospitals, but also customers working in the food and utility branche …

Recently, we have conducted a survey amongst our community members, measuring their level of satisfaction and their needs when it comes to the community. One prominent outcome was that they would like to see more personalization. To be more specific:
Customers want to log in into the community and immediatly see what topics are relevant for them specifically. They do not have time to search through the community …

Customers are already able to ‘‘follow’’ topics and sign up for our email. but this does not suit their need for personalization.

What do you guys think about this? Is there someone who has experience with personalizing their community? I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

How much technological control / development do you have over the platform?

One idea: when users register, ask them to check a custom field.

You can then use this custom field to trigger auto-follow, permissions, or unique landing pages that are tailored.

Another option - and I don’t know if your software even has this option - is to build out clubs or groups that are focused on different segments. And then users can join the group that’s most appropriate to them.

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