How To Mine Your Online Community For Powerful Insights

(Richard Millington) #1

The equation is simple. If you want more support for the community, you have to show the community is driving more value.

The common mistake is to equate value to activity and trying to attract more members to drive more activity.

Having undertaken in-depth interviews with almost 70 people for my book, I feel fairly confident to say that there is a far more effective option. You don’t need more members, you need better systems to capture and use the value you have already created.

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(michelle higgins) #2

Hi there, thanks for this post. I’m wondering if there are best practices/resources out there for methods of collecting, storing, and synthesizing lots of feedback that comes into the organization through many different channels and from many different types of users. I’m looking for a method of organization or tool that helps collect all of those pieces of information in one place. Thanks!