How to introduce new technology to members

(tamara Parris) #1

So many great ideas, and technology to help facilitate them. But the biggest barrier is how to transition community members on to the new technology - especially is we are dealing with various generations of users.

thoughts welcome

(Alessio Fattorini) #2

Explain explain explain, with good howto, being open to questions and complaints
Visual howto or video fits better imho
Ask people to just use such new techonology, it’s another great advice

(Richard Millington) #3

I’d recommend looking up the technology acceptance model on this one:

(Priscilla McClay) #4

On my last community, I worked on a fairly major upgrade project and one of the most important things we tried to do was involve members early - by giving them access to preview versions. Not only did this help us to gather user feedback, it also helped them to feel that they had a say, rather than having a finished product sprung on them without warning.

(tamara Parris) #5

thank you - will review this

(tamara Parris) #6

great suggestion - thank you

(tamara Parris) #7

I was thinking about doing a go-to-webinar to show them how to use the new technology - through a medium they are comfortable with.