How to get people to answer questions on a forum?

(Hales Ged) #1

What are your techniques to motivate members of a community ( online Forum- about home and gardening DIYs) to answer questions on the forum?
Thanks for your help!!

(Piper_Wilson) #2

Hey there,

That seems like an awfully broad question. Would you be able to give more background information?


(Anton) #3

People tend to write answers in topics where:

  1. Others give wrong advice in their area of expertise, so it is just difficult to ignore
  2. They feel they can get recognition by giving advice
  3. They get lots of “thanks”, especially real stories, which encourages them to write more
  4. They feel empathy with the topic author, i.e. it sounds personal in one way or another
  5. Their answers in particular topic gets shared and/or gets lots of reactions, which encourages to write more
  6. They are being invited to “help answering” or “help elaborating” by their trusted community members, sometimes people who’re also friends in offline
  7. They’re publicly mentioned and their nickname is referenced (this can become annoying for them quite quickly though)
  8. There are already interesting answers, and the text formatting is great, so the topic is easy to read — it attracts visually and invites to engage
  9. There are already very good answers, but they are incomplete, and there’s something valuable to add
  10. There’s information which turned out to be useful for them (in which a case, their writing can be just “thanks”, or an expanded version of it)

Tip: try every point, one by one, and make a note for every single member, i.e. what worked with them. Next time you’ll know how to engage them sooner than later.